band4me: Links

Military Band Educational Resources

The United States Marine Band

This site has a variety of educational resources such as timelines, audio recordings, and band music repertoire.


The United States Navy Band

The resources for educators page contains a few articles pertaining to wind band musicianship.



Wind Band Literature Reference


A bibliography of all the score analysis articles (listed by author) appearing in The Instrumentalist magazine.


Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music

Excellent compilation of titles and instrumentation descriptions of chamber wind music.

Concert Band Literature

A few nice gems on this site maintained by University of North Dakota such as form analysis charts.


Serious Wind Band Literature Website

Essentially a survey conducted by Dr. Jay Gilbert in 1990 that lists significant wind band repertoire.


The Young Band Repertoire Project

A variety of young band literature is featured on this site including free form analysis of repertoire.


Wind Ensemble Repertoire

Select music by composer or title. Links take you to page describing work and listing relevant recordings (if applicable)


Tuning & Pitch References (Scientific)

Dirk’s Projects

Ok, not really a wind-band site, but Dirk has accordion tuner software that can analyze the quality of triad as well as the tuning of each note of the triad.


Relating Tuning and Timbre

An online article explaining the close relationship between tuning and timbre. Useful albeit somewhat scientific.


Sound Fundamental & Tuning Systems

A brief summary and explanation of tuning systems relevant to instrumental music.


The Harmonic Series

Listen to and realize the formula for deriving the chord of nature a.k.a. The Harmonic Series.



Historical References

Band Music from the Civil War Era

An historical look at early American marching bands. This site is maintained by the Library of Congress.


Classical Composers Database

Search for background and historical information from a database of 3490 composers.


Early 1900 Marching Music Recordings (Victrola)

Listen to authentic recordings of marching band music. Arthur Pryor’s band is featured as well as others.


Spanish Band Music

Excellent historical reference on the band music of Spain and Valencia compiled by Gregory Fritze.


The Works of John Philip Sousa

A listing of all 136 Sousa of Sousa’s marches (MIDI files). Other Sousa works listed as well.



Commercial Resources


A variety of free resources available to directors if you are willing to dodge all of the advertising.


BRAVO Music: A New Perspective for Wind Bands

Numerous audio and video resources available featuring some of the finest bands in the world

Outstanding links page of bands across the country.



General Band References

Articles for Wind Band Conductors

Numerous articles pertaining to teaching wind band music.


Band Humor

409 Signs you have been in band too long plus links to instruments.


Collection of Essays by David Whitwell

Numerous essays "on the origins of western music" written and posted in Word.doc format. Great for information gathering and special graduate school music literature projects.

Educational Resources: TBA (Texas Bandmasters)

Free articles and clinic handouts dating back to 2002.


Florida Bandmasters Association

Comprehensive state solo & ensemble as well as concert band music lists. Find and follow the links on their website.


Music Education Online

This site has some interesting articles and web pages dedicated to starting beginners on their first instrument as well as YouTube links showing students how to assemble and clean instruments and many, many more.


Music Notes

If you need to address the national standards pertaining to history, theory, or music careers, this site may have what you need. It is a free interactive experience for students. Although the design is somewhat Spartan, and the advertising can be pesky, the basic information is good.


Online Glossary of Musical Terms

Naxos runs this free comprehensive site


The Midwest Clinic

Wanted to go to the Midwest band and Orchestra Clinic but couldn’t. Now you can see all of the clinic handouts dating back to 2000. An excellent resource!


Tim Reynish Website

A variety of resources from articles about wind band music to program notes and instrumentation for chamber music for winds.

World of Pageantry

Huge website that is best described by their motto: “We cover the West and the rest of the World of Pageantry…Best!” Be careful, you could get lost for days reading their extensive forums.