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Author Topic: "Bad News Brown" 11/18  (Read 3207 times)
Brian C. Wuttke
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« on: August 21, 2009, 04:17:58 am »

"Bad News Brown" Harmonica Player
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Wednesday, November 18th, 12 noon
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« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2009, 09:55:14 pm »

This is Camilo from MUL1010. I am living this critique here like you asked.

On November, 18th, 2009 I attended a piano recital.  It was two pianists that performed on this day, Fabiana Claure and William Villaverde. They are two young pianists that have performed in various places like Cuba, Bolivia, Spain, and of course here, as soloist. For this day they each performed a couple of music pieces for us. For Fabiana, she performed five different pieces. All very nicely played! Her first piece was a Bach piece that she played for us. I loved how she performed this piece. And I also liked that particular piece. It had a great rhythm. As for her second piece I did not get the name of the composer, but she also played this piece great. What I did understand is that it had no repetoyion throughout the piece. The next piece was composed by a Cuban man. This piece was somewhat at a slow pace in the beginning, and then picked up the pace, very interesting piece. For this next one I felt as though it had two different pieces incorporated into it. I liked the first piece, but wasn’t too big’a fan of the second. I was not really feeling the rhythm. The last solo piece she performed was called “Chacata” which was intended to be a piece for a flute. Incredibly fast pace! I was having a hard time keeping up with her….with my eyes, for god sake!
The performer on the next piece was William Villaverde. He played some jazz pieces written by Nicolie Capustie. The first piece was called tocata. This piece had a fast pace the whole time, very well played though. This next piece was called vagatel. This piece had a slow, but steady pace the entire time, very nicely played. This next one seemed very difficult to play, but in this piece, William had to stop and restart playing it because it looked to be that he forgot how it went. He apologized though. It was pretty funny, but I respected that he had the courage to keep trying, and after trying several times, he gave up, but continued with the show. These next pieces were my favorite. I guess they saved the best for last. On his last piece he performed an outstanding piece! It had a wonderful rhythm. It sounded like a jazz and salsa piece.. Both incorporated into one piece! It made you want to get up, pick a good looking young lady from the crowd and start dancing! It was great! Different from what we usually listen to in class. For the last piece they performed, they really went-all-out! This was a wonderful duet. Both were playing in one piano. It was also composed by a Cuban man. Wonderfully played. Like the rest of the pieces played that day. I loved how they not only played the piano, but added some knocks to the piano to go along. They hyped up the crowd when they did that. It was really interesting to see how they were on point with the whole piece, even the knocks. I enjoyed this concert very much.
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