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Author Topic: In-Class Critique #3  (Read 35209 times)
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« Reply #60 on: June 18, 2010, 06:06:55 am »

I definitely agree with Marguerite9222 bongo’s solo with the cow bell keeping the beat was the best part of all and same here the music that I was born hearing
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« Reply #61 on: June 18, 2010, 07:59:46 am »

Portrait of Tracy called my attention as a great piece of art. It’s based on melodic bass lines on a mid tempo, and it was recorded using only a base and a Roland Rhodes keyboard.  In my opinion, Portrait of Tracy gathers those sounds that general appreciation finds as disposable, and puts them together to create a very rare, but magnificent piece of art. There’s no doubt that Jaco Partorious was extremely talented. This is the first ‘bass’ song I ever heard which caught my mind and gave it no other thought, but the thought of how genius was he who wrote it. Many more people should know this music, and many more should appreciate it.

Latin Dance is also one of those great pieces. It is played by a big band and the instrumental is very nicely arranged. I was really interested in the background lines played by the trombones on the first solo. Also, I loved the piano part after the second solo, which, in my opinion, is the phrasing that accentuates the ‘Latin’ in Latin Dance with its tumbao quality. I can’t have a ‘favorite’ part, since I really loved every noted played on this song. However, towards the end of the piece, just when I thought it couldn’t get better, the percussion solos kick in, first the bongos and then the drums, and that just knocked me off my feet. Bob Mintzer successfully wrote a piece which gives its listener that dancing mood and, even if one does not feel like dancing, it is delightful just to listen to.

I thought I knew a lot more about music until I took this class. These critiques have been extremely useful in getting to understand and appreciate what real music is. Thank you Mr. Wuttke! 
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