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1  In-Class Critiques / Jazz Concert Critiques / Salsa Jazz Band 3/23 on: April 23, 2010, 05:31:37 am
Gabriel Dearmas
Salsa Jazz Band

On March 23rd 2010 I finally attended my first jazz concert. It took place at Miami Dade College in their McCarthy Auditorium. The event I wanted to attend was the Salsa Jazz Band concert. The first time I heard about this concert I was very intrigued. Being that I come from a Hispanic background, Iíve never been exposed to our jazz roots so I was pretty excited to see what this concert was all about. At first I wasnít too sure what to expect till I saw the first performance of the show by Daysi Almirall. She was playing a vibes solo. Ms. Almirallís performance was great, the way she was performing and dancing not only captivated my attention but those of others in that room as well. I noticed she had put a lot of passion into this which helped because I was really feeling the whole salsa/jazz vibe feeling.  You could say the salsa was my missing gap to memory lane. This made me appreciate the performance for what it was.
After the first show I was really looking forward to the second. Airegin included performances by Alejandro Calixto at sax tenor, Camilo Velendia playing the guitar, and George Gonzalez at piano. This group of players brought a lot of energy into their performance. I was really looking forward to the piano aspect of this performance since Iím a big fan of the instrument. The crowd was very excited, for myself I had a feeling of anticipation not knowing what to expect next. George Gonzalez had an excellent performance in my opinion. Maybe it was because it was the first time I saw someone performing on the piano, but for my first it was a great experience. The way he played the piano was soothing to my ears and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every player brought their own unique expressions to the performance especially Alejandro. Mr. Calixto played with high energy and was astounding with the sax.  I was able to connect to his style and rhythm. The flow of the music had myself and the crowd going.
My concert experience was great and one that I wonít ever forget. One thing is to sit in class and listen to audio from a computer, than to listen to the music live. In person you can feel it and see the passion and hard work these musicians put in their art. In addition the sound of every instrument is left echoing deep into your memory for all eternity. Especially the way Alejandro played the sax which was my favorite. Iím really Open minded about music. This class has exposed me to the roots of many of the genres Iíve been listening to for years. I have a much greater appreciation for jazz through this concert. I hope to experience some more in the near future.
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