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1  General Discussion / The Best Music Ever Written / The Beatles: Great band or greatest band!? on: December 03, 2009, 11:51:44 am
Aside from favorites, biased views, and simply obsessing about the "hawt" frontman of the band, would you consider the Beatles one of the greatest, if not, the greatest ROCK, emphasis on rock, bands that ever existed on the face of the earth? Not forcing you to bend over backwards for the Beatles but give credit when credit is do is all I'm saying. Though, I probably sound like an obsessive Beatles fan. I'm just trying to prove a point. Sure, I have other bands that I like more than the Beatles but I cannot deny that the Beatles were innovators for their time.
Comments, opinions, opposing views? Post em' up!
2  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Piano Hero!? on: December 03, 2009, 11:37:07 am
Nah, you don't have to be strange to play videogames  Wink Especially when you get together with a bunch of friends and just rock out to the Beatles. And believe it or not, these musical games improve your playing on real instruments (well, if your at a beginning level like me) Especially if they have piano hero around. Why bother having a piano tutor when you have this game? Oh, and I don't know if you download songs from your console system but they have new Beatles CD's every few months or so. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD came out recently and next month they are releasing the Rubber Soul CD. I highly recommend playing them, every composition the Beatles have made has never let me down. Cheers!
3  General Discussion / Pearls Before Breakfast / Re: Pearls Before Breakfast on: December 03, 2009, 11:18:29 am
To be honest, I probably would not have recognized Mr.Bell, or any modern-day violonist for that matter. However, now that I know about him, perhaps I might be able to point him out if I ever walked past a crowded train station. It's just that today's generation and society values Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Dance, etc. (too many genres to type) but you get my point. It is a problem with appreciation. The modern society cannot fathom a purely instrumental ensamble, they need someone speaking or singing (if you call it that nowadays) while the song is being played. Which is not necessarily a bad aspecting towards your liking of music but what they are singing about is a whole different matter. I just can't bring myself to admiring, or even respecting, music artists that speak about "beating you up" for "fronting" on them or their entourage. I have to admit I have a slight tolerence towards rap and I like a handful of rap songs but I dislike the genre as a whole. Mostly for what they represent, short-sighted ideals that mean nothing in the end. Am I being too harsh? Perhaps. I feel strongly about my music, especially when I see how it causes a generation to stumble. Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling in his grave if he saw that his efforts were in vain. Now, since I have gotten out of hand with my opinion on modern-day music (mostly rap though) I would like to touch back to the matter at hand. Sadly, I would not recognize a highly renown string player; however, I plan on expanding upon my taste in music. I have always enjoyed a wide variety of music; however, I have to broaden my horizon even further.
Comment, reply, share your opinions. I'm interesting in hearing what people have to say!
4  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: The painting by Raphael in the Vatican on: December 02, 2009, 11:53:06 am
Ah... what an intriguing painting. So much going on that it is easy to miss out on the little things that are occuring. Thanks for pointing out the artists!
5  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: About Concert Critiques on: December 02, 2009, 11:50:44 am
These concert critiques were great. I'm glad I experienced them; otherwise, why bother taking the class? I just wish they had some more opera... MDC needs to fund for an opera! Or perhaps some of te music teachers could compose a few pieces for a play? That would be cool. Wait... do they even have plays in MDC? Sorry, if I'm getting a little off topic.  Grin
6  General Discussion / General Discussion / Piano Hero!? on: December 02, 2009, 11:41:18 am
This may sound strange at first but... hear me out. For the past few years, the video gaming music department has been engrossing a large revenue because of "Guitar Hero" and the various other spin-offs ( Rock Band, DJ Hero, etc.) Though the aim has been towards rockers (and as of recently, rappers) perhaps they have other spin-offs in store for the public. With a plethora of musical styles and artists to listen to, eventually RedOctane (company that created Guitar Hero) may have to break the cycle to keep the series fresh. Would they eventually turn towards classical, romantic, or even contemporary music? Highly unlikely but a possibility nonetheless.
Personally, I wouldn't mind if they did release such a game (may take a little getting used to in operating a piano controller) because it expands the type of music you listen to. I know it did for me when I played "The Beatles: Rockband". I knew who the Beatles were but I just knew their popular songs. After playing through he game, I realized I actually liked a few of their more "underground" songs. Perhaps it would be the same to others who would give this game a try? It's your call. Anyways, comment and enjoy this video!
7  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: Chopin... on: December 02, 2009, 11:13:59 am
Relaxing. This song is magnificent, I am still trying to broaden my horizon on Romantic pianist; however, Chopin seems to be the only composer that sticks. Anyways, if you like Romantic pieces try this link:

It's a little sad but a great piece nonetheless.
8  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: This is something of what I was talking about in class today! Tom and Jerry on: December 02, 2009, 11:06:35 am
Ah, a classic cartoon show! I miss these old Tom and Jerry cartoons, better than half the garbage kids watch nowadays. Thanks for the post, definitly put a smile on my face.
9  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Just a video I thought would be pretty cool for you all to see! on: December 02, 2009, 10:58:36 am
Chopin is one of my favorite Romantic pianist. His "Fantasie Impromptu" is truly a masterpiece (I liked it so much I downloaded it on my iPhone). I have to admit, I have only heard of the movie "The Pianist," but I may watch it sometime. Thanks for the posts!
10  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Faculty Guitar Recital 11/24 on: December 01, 2009, 10:47:59 am
Gregory Vila      
November 30, 2009
MUL 1010
Concert Critique #2

On Tuesday, November 24, 2009 I attended the Faculty Guitar Concert. I have to admit, I fully enjoyed many segments of the concert. The music was superb and the innovation of the members performing the pieces was outstanding. However, among the many entertaining compositions, I enjoyed the performance of the final band the most. Seeming to fashion a funky acid-like jazz, this band had my foot tapping the whole time. The guitarist showcased blinding speed on the guitar. I believe his name is Mitch Farber, and he kept a moderate tempo (allegretto grazioso) whilst allowing his band members to perform for a portion of the show by “laying out”. However, every band member contributed to the magical experience of the performance and showed exceptional skill on their suited instruments. Especially whilst playing “Tune 88” where there was a variety of changes throughout the entire song, especially with the dynamics of the song. For example, my favorite portion of the performance was when the guitarist would que the other performers to create a gradual decrescendo. Then, until the song is barely audible, they suddenly begin a crescendo. Also, alongside this exhilirating performance, I would like to give credit to every peformer that presented themselves that night. The first two solo guitarist expressed amazing talent with a guitar alone. Especially Carlos Molina, whose music was soothing yet drammatico at the same instance. I believe he played a Spasnish guitar. I would also like to mention a very innovative notion on behalf of those
that partook in the performance. First off, I can not remember the exact group that executed the production. However, I found it innovative and a breath of fresh air from the sole focus on guitars. There were three bassist and they all had set their instruments on different timbres. Each bass guitar was easily distinguished from the others, one was softer than the others while another was much deeper. Aside from all the musical terminology, it was an outstanding performance that had me craving for more. All in all, I have to say, I have enjoyed every concert that I have attended. I feel that I have slowly begun to to appreciate msuic in the many forms that it presents itself. Whether it would be a classical opera recital or a guitar concert, I have only started to enjoy such a wide variety of music that takes years of experience to perfect.   
11  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Belushtoven on: November 02, 2009, 05:04:30 pm
Professor Wuttke mentioned he wasn't able to find a saturday night live skit about John Belushi posing as Beethoven. Well, I found it! Here's the link:

12  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Chamber Choir and Women's Choir 10/21/09 on: October 29, 2009, 05:29:41 pm
Well, here is my concert critique:

   Gregory Vila
October 29, 2009
Concert Critique 1
Professor Wuttke
On October 21. 2009, I had the opportunity to experience a truly surprising event. I had gone to a Chamber Choir and Women's Choir located at the Riverside Baptist Church right across from Miami Dade College.
Upon entering the vast mass, I was welcomed with open arms, despite dressing casually inside a church. The performance was; at first, a little slow and dragged out. Particularly because the Women's choir only consisted of only Soprano and Alto members. Whereas the chamber choir had more variation, with Tenor and Bass added in, the entire composition of the choir seemed to radiate a different mood. The difference between both choirs was like night and day. Not that either choir was better than the other; however, I felt the chamber choir offered more to the listeners both musically and emotionally.
For instance, whilst they sang "Kala kalla," there were two differing moods that coincided within one song. One section of the choir, which I believe to be the Tenor and Bass, sang in a slow tempo (Lento Moderato) and in a rather melancholic mood. Alongside this, the section finished slowly and predictably. On the other hand, the female section, composed of solely the Soprano and Alto members, busted forth with such Vivacissimo, fast speed and loud dynamics, that I was momentarily shocked. Also, they ended rather abruptly after they finished. Alternating between both the Bass/Tenor sections and the Alto/Soprano sections during the brief rests. Overall, from what I heard, I felt the Bass/Tenor section consisted of monophonic texture because all the men sang in unision and without accompanied melodic lines. In addition, the Alto/Soprano sections were also in a monophonic texture because of the unision and unaccompanied melodic lines. However, during the last bit of the composition, both sections combined to create a flurry of sound, which results in the creation of a monophonic texture.
Sadly, aside from this song, the others were simply uninteresting. Perhaps the sudden shift from a grave tempo to a vivo tempo captured my utmost attention. Also, I was rather disappointed with the lack of music instruments. Besides having a piano being the backbone of most, if not all, of their compositions, there were not that many other instruments that made any particular appearances. Well, there was one song, "The Gartan Mother's Lullaby," which featured a flute. However, I was sorely disappointed with the instrumental line-up. Perhaps the next concert may be more enjoyable, providing more variety and such. All in all, I still enjoyed the concert, especially “Kala kalla.” 
13  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / About Concert Critiques on: October 29, 2009, 09:30:33 am
Professor Wuttke, I had finished my first concert critique yesterday. I had decided to post it on your web-site early this morning/afternoon; however, I cannot find the place to post the critique. Do we have to wait till Nov.1 till we can submit them or am I just overlooking a specific button/trigger on your site? Huh
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