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16  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Broadway in Review 10/22 on: October 29, 2009, 06:50:04 pm
On October 22 I attended “Broadway in Review” with the hopes of enjoying a wonderful show. I was greatly mistaken.  As a Broadway fan, I knew almost every song on the program(with some few exceptions) and I must say as soon I saw some of the songs, I knew I was in for a crazy ride. When I realized that Ken Blatt would be singing every song I was shocked at the selections he made. Although the variety of songs would appear to keep the show moving quickly, it did everything but that. 
Let me take a moment to say that Ken Blatt can sing very well. He has a wonderful baritone voice and was very consistent with his technique. But, in his consistency he showed little variety in his voice, which is why I believe the show turned out the way it did. His voice sounded the same in “Cabaret”(an up-tempo introduction piece)as it did in “Bring Him Home”( a somber life pleading ballad). Once again, it wasn’t that his voice was bad it was just the same for every song. When going to a concert, especially one full of different Broadway show tunes and ballads, you expect to be able to see the performer’s flexibility, which is one of the main things Blatt did not demonstrate.
Another one of my biggest complaints was the sound.  The accompanist, Sheila Barrish, could have stopped playing and it wouldn’t have made a difference, because you could barely hear her. And it’s a shame, because the few times she could be heard it was beautiful and you can definitely see in her body language that she has a true passion for the piano.  One of the most awkward moments in the performance was when Blatt performed with a CD accompaniment. The songs “Phantom of the Opera” “Dancing Queen” and “Circle of Life” with backup vocals on a CD made it very awkward and you could hear the giggling coming from all areas of the audience.
The lighting of the show was fantastic. It set the mood for every piece and was right on target with each song change.
I am a very harsh critic when it comes to Broadway musicals and anything that represents them which can explain my harsh critique.
But, I can conclude with this final comment. I admire Ken Blatt for getting up in such a small theatre and performing over ten songs all by himself, but most of all I admire him for what he set out to do. He set out to expose the students here at Miami Dade to a taste of Broadway and he did just that.
I look forward to seeing this concert improve and hopefully happen again next year, maybe even with student participants.
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