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1  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: About Concert Critiques on: December 02, 2009, 10:00:19 pm
These concert critiques were great. I'm glad I experienced them; otherwise, why bother taking the class? I just wish they had some more opera... MDC needs to fund for an opera! Or perhaps some of te music teachers could compose a few pieces for a play? That would be cool. Wait... do they even have plays in MDC? Sorry, if I'm getting a little off topic.  Grin

I AGREE SO COMPLETELY!! I love musical theatre and i wish more than anything we had a department here. There is one opera workshop class, but its just scenes from operas not the whole thing. I would so start a petoyion or something. It would be great for students and the faculty.
2  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: The painting by Raphael in the Vatican on: December 02, 2009, 09:58:37 pm
I would love to be able to see this in person. I dont think you can grasp the imensity of it by looking at a picture. Lets hope one day i can go and see it for myself.
3  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Just a video I thought would be pretty cool for you all to see! on: December 02, 2009, 09:54:42 pm

for some reason, i felt like i should share this.. This is his real voice. Its a guy singing A whole new world from alladin, but he is singing both parts: the male and female. Its fascinating. Check it out. The voice is one of my favorite instruments, i wish i could do this.. so cool.
4  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Broadway in Review 10/22 on: December 02, 2009, 09:50:55 pm
Well, i think that for Ken the theatre he was in has good acoustics for acting, but not for singing. If you go see a play in the studio theatre you hear perfectly, but the music just doesnt bounce off the walls quite the same way. I feel bad, but maybe next time if they  move the concert to Mcarthur hall or something it might be better.
5  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: This is something of what I was talking about in class today! Tom and Jerry on: December 02, 2009, 09:47:52 pm
These cartoons are the greatest. This is what should be on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, not the wierd shows that they have now. nothing will ever beat these classic cartoons. Tom and Jerry along with the anamaniacs and Looney tunes all had great little lessons in them and where just real comedy. Ah, the good old days! Oh well, im gonna go watch spongebob now.. just kidding Wink
6  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Piano Hero!? on: December 02, 2009, 09:45:26 pm
I think the videogame Band Hero should just add piano to it. I would personally love to play piano hero if it existed, but thats because im really strange. I think that video games like this are exposing kids and even adults to a whole variety of music. Its funny that you say that about Beatles Rockband, because i had the same experience. I knew there more popular songs, and when i played the game i fell in love with some of there not so popular songs. I think that it would be great to do something that would expose kids to classical and better yet showtunes and jazz through a video game. At the rate the budgets for the music departments in public schools are going it might be the best way to keep kids connected to music.
7  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Chamber Choir and Women's Choir 10/21/09 on: December 01, 2009, 04:43:26 pm
I am in the Chamber Choir and i totally agree with what you have to say about our instruments. But, sometimes its hard to get together to rehearse with so many different instrumentalist. Plus, its a choir so we want to show off our voices. But, i also wish we had more variety.
If you come to our concert on Sunday December 6, we have a piece with brass instruments and drums and piano. Plus, its a combined piece so its chamber choir and community choir. Its gonna be very interesting. You should come.
8  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15 on: December 01, 2009, 04:40:14 pm
I'm glad i just read your review because i completely forgot to mention that Ernesto Bayola's piece was composed by his teacher. I think that it must be so intimidating to have to perform something not only when the composer is in the room, but when he is your teacher. I would never want to mess up his creation. Luckily for Ernesto, at least in my opinion he did the piece more than justice.
9  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / Re: Chopin... on: December 01, 2009, 04:36:33 pm
That is by far one of my favorite movies ever!!  And that scene is really awesome. when it came out i was just about to give up on piano lessons because i was bored of it, and it inspired me to keep going...
10  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Just a video I thought would be pretty cool for you all to see! on: December 01, 2009, 04:34:32 pm
I didnt feel like making a new topic so i thought id add this here.. its a really awesome acapella group. There are a lot of people that like the new show glee, and this video is what REAL HARD acapella groups are like.. i love glee also, but this group has a bunch of songs from classical to rock to the macarena.. no instruments are used at all. all the music in this video is made by voices.. its unbelievable Smiley
11  General Discussion / The Best Music Ever Written / Re: I dont think that there is such thing as "the best music." on: November 24, 2009, 09:54:30 am
I just dont prefer rap. Im the kind of person that appreciated all kind of music so i cant say i hate it. I love music its a big part of me..i just dont prefer to listen to rap lol although i did have a phase, but that was in middle school and well.. we all know how that is.. but now, i just like good music. Im pretty openminded Smiley
12  General Discussion / The Best Music Ever Written / Re: I dont think that there is such thing as "the best music." on: November 18, 2009, 01:22:13 pm
I agree with you in that there is no set "best music".  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and i think the same goes for music. What is amazing for me, might not be of interest to someone else at all. This happens to me a lot. I really love broadway show tunes or music similar to that, but a lot of people really dislike it. Just like i dont like rap, but some people cant live without listening to it. It all depends on who you are and what you enjoy. Yes, i believe that some of the best music ever written contains the classics by Beethoven and Mozart, but i also think that Gershwin and Bernstein are on that list, as well as some contemporaries like Paul McCartney. I have  learned to appreciate all types of music, and so even if its not my favorite to listen to, i can respect that everyone likes their own style of music.

13  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15 on: November 18, 2009, 01:08:57 pm
On November 15th 2009, I attended the Student Solo Recital held in the Fascell Center.  It was very interesting to see the variety of musicians performing at the recital. The recital consisted of piano, trombones, clarinets, French horns, and vocal soloist. You could tell that the student performers were very nervous, but each one went up confidently to perform.  I was very impressed by the trombone players and their solos. I had never heard the trombone played by it, I’m used to hearing it in a band or orchestra, and it was amazing to hear the true range of the trombone.  Ernesto Bayola played a piece composed by David Brubeck titled “Africa” and it was amazing to hear how low the bass trombone could go and how quickly it could change to a higher pitch. I must say that he was one of the most interesting performers to watch because you could see that he was really feeling the music through his facials and body language. Other trombone players were good too, but by far he was the most entertaining.
I was also very impressed by the vocalist. Adam Cahill sang “Warm as the Autumn Light” from The Ballad of Baby Doe, and you could tell that he truly has a passion for music. His voice was nearly perfect. One of my favorite things that he did was that he connected all the phrases so beautifully. It was as if the breath marks were placed in the perfect place. His vibrato was very consistent and I loved the way he interacted with the audience.
Although interacting with the audience is a very important aspect of performing, there is such thing as too much interaction which can lead to distraction. This was the case with Rachelle Lang who sang “The Color Purple” from the musical The Color Purple.  Her voice wasn’t bad in that she sang on pitch, but I personally found it a bit piercing. The distracting part of her performance is that she acted out every single word in the song. Yes, the audience likes it when you act in your piece, especially a musical theatre piece, but she had too much and it was very distracting. It felt like I was watching a performance for the hearing impaired and I was really overwhelmed.
Also, the pianist Ana Rivero played Claire de lune by Claude Debussy, which at the moment I did not recognize, but we talked about it in class this week and I found it interesting to have heard her performance. She played very well and I really enjoyed hearing Debussy’s composition live.
The recital itself seemed like a wonderful experience for the students. It is certainly not easy to get up and perform alone with all your family and friends watching, but everyone did relatively well. I look forward to the next recital and seeing what these students end up doing in the future.
14  General Discussion / General Discussion / Pagliacci & Suor Angelica on: November 16, 2009, 08:17:44 pm
I had the chance of going to opening night of Pagliacci & Suor Angelica on Saturday at the Arsht center. It was really great to be able to watch an opera since thats what we are discussing in class. The first one, pagliacci, was really great and had me on edge the whole time. Suor Angelica,was okay but the last twenty minutes were the best without a doubt. I thought i wasnt going to be that interested, but i really did enjoy it. The woman who played the lead in both the operas was fantastic. She was singing high E's while collapsing on the floor and running around (something that is not an easy task at all ) but it looked like it was as easy as breathing. I was truly fascinated by the opera and i cant wait to watch the next ones that the Florida Grand Opera has in store this season.

Well, now that i'm done ranting i can get to the point. I had really good seats for the opera (first row of the third balcony, pretty good at the Arsht.) and i got them for five dollars a piece. So if anyone is interested in going to see the opera heres the website and as long as you have a student ID the tickets are 5 dollars each. I really suggest it, its a great way to see opera for a great price!
*check frequently they keep adding dates and tickets as the show continues*
15  General Discussion / Pearls Before Breakfast / Re: Pearls Before Breakfast on: October 29, 2009, 07:10:13 pm
One of the things that i hate about living in Miami is that we dont often see street musicians, I think thats one of the things that makes cities like New York so magical. There is not only music, but talent on every corner and everyone is just trying to express themselves. I love observing people and how they express themselves which is why I would have probably stopped to see Josh Bell. The times i have visited New York, I have been completely enthralled by the beautiful talent that lies in the subway or the street corner.
I truly admire those musicians that are good enough to stand on the corner of a street while thousands of people pass them and still play amazing music. I hope that one day those musicians can be appreciated. Yes, Josh Bell was very good and already famous, but i think it would be amazing for someone who is not famous already to develop their following on the corner of a street. Imagine how much a persons day is made when they have been ignored by the morning crowd of thousands and one person stops to listen. You might think its not a big deal, but to a musician the thought of catching someones attention through your form of expression is sometimes the best reward.
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