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1  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Faculty Guitar Recital 11/24 on: December 01, 2009, 04:34:09 pm
I attended the Faculty Guitar Concert on Tuesday, November 24, 2009. It was held at 7:30 pm in the McCarthy Auditorium.  The auditorium was completely full with some odd number of audience members reaching past 330. Performers that night, included Mitch Farber, Tom Lippincott, Carlos Molina, Sandy Poltarack, and  Juan Carlos Vera. Those who performed specifically on bass guitar include Matt Bonelli, Jonathan Dadurka, and Rafael Valencia. There was also a surprising appearance by Jack Ciano who performed on the drums. The first guitarist of the night was Juan Carlos Vera. He performed a Cuban inspired song dating back to the 1940s. This was an excellent piece as the first song of the concert because it gave a history to the “guitar”. Sometimes people have a general idea of how guitar is used or played. This song expanded on that idea. The second performer of the night was Carlos Molina with his Venezuelan waltz. This song was romantic and gave off a very warm feel. The strumming and technique used during the song was incredible. During this part of the concert, much amazement could be felt throughout the auditorium. “Lullaby of Birdland” was the third performance by Natt Bonelli, Rafael Valencia, and Jon Dadurka. This men had great energy on stage. It was noted at the beginning of the song that in fact all three had attended school together. In my opinion, this song has a smooth beginning but a boring and overplayed middle as well as ending. At this point of the concert things turned uninteresting. The following two songs were Fools rush in and Juicy Lucy; Both seeming to be never ending. The energy once created on stage by the performers, slowly died down. Tom Lippincott saved the stage by performing They Can’t take that away from me by George and Ira Gershwin. Tom briefly explain the song and continued to say that the version he would perform was a version by Ted Greene. Tom actually learned this version by listening to his personal guitar hero, Ted Greene.
“Luteous Pangolin” was performed by Lippincott, Bonelli, and Ciano. The intro was played on electric guitar in a high register. Cymbals on the drums played in the background and had climaxed dynamics. The next and last two songs featured a very talented guitarist Mitch Farber. They also happened to be in the style of groove music. Unfortunately, many audience  members left before these two songs could be played. But once the performers got into “ the groove” the auditorium came to life again. These two songs emphasized all the different types of guitars as well as the drums. The beat was consistent and upbeat, and the dynamics added a nice touch. The guitars had a wide range of notes, with strings being plucked at all lengths of the instrument itself. I was surprised and asked myself, “ If they can do THIS, why wouldn’t they play based on this ‘groove’?” The last part of the concert was definitely more entertaining and served the audience more appropriately.
2  In-Class Critiques / Classical Concert Critiques / Re: Broadway in Review 10/22 on: October 29, 2009, 04:00:28 pm
I attended the Broadway in Review concert on Thursday, October 22, 2009. The concert was based on the famous songs derived from some of the most popular and influential plays featured on Broadway. The concert was performed by Ken Blatt as the baritone and Sheila Barish as the piano soloist. Ken Blatt is a talented actor, director, teacher and concert singer. Sheila Barish is a devoted singer and piano soloist. She is currently a full time musician and teacher.

The concert began with a wonderful introduction of two songs: Cabaret from “Cabaret” and Almost Like Being in Love from “Brigadon”. Ken Blatt came one strong, full of excitement and Sheila Barish really captured the audience with her talent on the piano. In my opinion, the first few songs were some of the most popular featuring Beauty and the Beast, I Got Rhythm, and No Business like Show Business. Beauty and the Beast was felt by the audience with a sigh of nostalgia. As the tone of the song was slow and romantic, so was the mood of the audience throughout the performance.

My favorite part was the first medley. This was my first medley and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The first song was Smoke Gets in Your Eyes from “Roberta”.  Smiley Kiss Cheesy  The tempo was slow and the piano modulated between low keys  to higher ones. The song slowly transitioned into They Didn’t Believe Me from “The Girl From Utah” and then to All the Things You Are from “Very Warm for May”. The piano was featured the most throughout this medley and the use of scales, chromaticism, and modulation was most evident. The six songs the followed were not my favorite. Songs from “Man of La Mancha” had quick beats but did not capture me. Little emotion was transmitted by Ken Blatt as a singer. At this point of the concert he had fully delivered his audience with a great voice and wonderfully held out notes (his pitch range was much wider than expected). However, this portion of the concert turned sour for me. The next medley was a transition towards a newer Broadway; A Broadway the incorporates a style of rock music. Although I appreciated the variety I did not agree that this was Ken Blatt’s forte. The last songs  really evoked emotion and reminded me of the lecture that was given on “The Affections”.  Overall the concert was enjoyable and I would like to attend another concert with Ken Blatt and Sheila Barish.
3  The Lectern / MUL 1010 Q&A / question about the midterm on: October 14, 2009, 09:30:19 am
Hey there! What is the website that you mentioned earlier concerning practice tests that would help us on the midterm? Is it If it is, where do I go from there to find the practice tests and other study aids? okayyy thanks!
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