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1  In-Class Critiques / MUL1010 / Re: Critique #3 on: July 25, 2010, 04:45:04 pm
Music in general is taken for granted a lot by the general public, but the time and effort that goes into the songs you hear every day takes weeks if not months and honestly that blows my mind. The music starts of soft and playful with flutes leading the way. Its then fallowed by the bass then drops off again. Soon after though it slowly builds up. It reminds me of the music you’d hear in a cartoon almost. Its so playful I cant help but to take it less serious then I would with any other song. Its not to serious what so ever. The song continues to fade in and out. Build up and down, but through out it all its vary composed and elegant . I don’t really like the way it sounds as I said earlier its just to playful sounding for me to take it serious which also leads me to become less interested in the song as a whole by default in my mind. Ether way this this whole song is dominated by flutes and horns with bass coming in only when needed to fill the hollowness, again though it fizzles out just like the song does every minute or two. The tempo is fast and then stops but doesn’t drop its gently let down the flutes that are always playing. I cant say I have a favorite section to be completely honest other then towards the end where things become low and the flutes are just at a moderate level but of course it gets loud again. The scale in this song is kina hard to grasp but I think I understand it. Ether way the song overall is a good song but a bit repetoyive with the instruments as its really not that many compared to some of the more elaborate stuff we’ve listened to in class.
2  In-Class Critiques / MUL1010 / Re: Critique #1 on: July 01, 2010, 01:15:47 pm
The song the elephant was money. It sounded exactly like an elephant would sound lumbering around. The deep sound of the tuba described the clumsy animal perfectly. The deep sounds is all one needs to understand what this song is about.
   Having the piano and the way its being played has probly been replayed in movies hundreds of times, with the cascading piano notes raining down it is as if I were sinking to the bottom of the ocean with each note being a bubble or fish  rising to the top as I sink down. This song overall is extremely detailed and vary well put together.
   Somehow these artist are truly able to embody the song with the title.  The aviary    is a perfect name for it. All of the sounds in this one are playful and bright and they seem to interact with each other like birds would singing and flying from branch to branch. These sounds are up lifting and completely make sense in the context that they are played. If one were to take away just one chord this song would sound clumsy since all the notes rely on each other to compliment one another.
   The hall of the mountain king is again a perfect title. The bass heavy tonality of this song personifies what’s trying to be conveyed in this song. When the song is being played I cant help but think of a mouse running through a castle being chased or maybe dodging feet in a ball room full of people its frantic and rushed but is a good way and perfectly fits the song.
   The flight of the bumble bee is hectic the tempo being fast and frantic. The image that comes to mind when listening is a bee flying through trees dodging branches or natural obstacles in general but overall the sound has come together nicely.
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