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: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: Brian C. Wuttke January 14, 2010, 06:40:30 PM
Small Jazz Ensemble Concert
Tuesday, April 20th, 7:30 pm
Location: McCarthy Hall, Room 6120

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: jessica5665 April 22, 2010, 08:31:03 AM
I have attended many performances at Miami Dade and all the other ones have held my attention. This one on the other hand did not. When I walked in I saw the same instruments being played from the first concert I attended: A piano, trombone, drums, bass and saxophone. There were a few differences however. A guitar was part of this ensemble and it was an electric bass not an upright. This ensemble also featured a tenor saxophone and a soprano saxophone. When I walked in the theatre I told myself I was going to identify the different styles of Jazz now since we already covered everything in class. Little Sunflower by Freddie Hubbard was really nice. That song was the epitome of my idea of Jazz before taking this class. Now I’m able to identify cool jazz, bebop, hard bop, and fusion. What I noticed throughout the Studio Jazz Combo was the trombone and saxophone had many solos. The guitar had few but not as much that we see today in Rock n Roll; the piano had few and the drums had none. I can’t remember which song but the trombone, saxophone, guitar, and drums did call and response which goes back to the beginning of jazz which meant the song they were playing was fusion. My favorite song of the entire evening was Povo by Freddie Hubbard. It started out with what I call a secret agent feel. That song was the only song that kept my attention. It was a mellow feel with such a powerful sound. I believe this is the song where the soprano saxophone was played and I just love the sound. I played the tenor saxophone for years which I grew to love but I still to this day want to be able to play the soprano. He used a few pitch bends and improvisation that I liked. Before starting the last song the Director announced that they will be playing Scrapple From the Apple but in a way Charlie Parker didn’t play it. I was curious to know how Charlie Parker played it and wished they would have played it his way and their way so we could compare. After they finished The Community Jazz Ensemble started setting up and we got a chance to experience two concerts in one. This ensemble had much more members than the first; six trombone players, three trumpet players, six saxophonists, two bass players and two guitarists. Three vocalists were featured and the director also played the Flugel horn. Moanin’ was a really fun song and reminded me of “Fever.” The two songs after that didn’t really hold my attention because I could barely hear the vocalists. I couldn’t hear the vocalist for No More Blues (Chega De Saudade) but what I found interesting was the Latin feel. The only instruments that were played were the piano, guitar, bass, and percussion which included the congas. The director also had a solo on the Flugel horn. In my opinion it had more of a muted sound than a trumpet. The last song was Grand Slam and I immediately heard the walking bass line. This didn’t feature any vocalists though. Even though the other songs had the vocalists it didn’t take away from the band. When it comes to jazz I like the Big Band more than a small ensemble on occasion because it features all of the instruments and creates a wonderful sound. I would eventually like to see more jazz performances in the future.

: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: princess4900 April 22, 2010, 12:03:09 PM
Studio Jazz Combo & Community Jazz Ensemble made one amazing evening to remember as I had the privilege to attend a free live Jazz concert at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus.  The performers and coordinator consisted of personnel from the faculty as well as students form MDC and neighboring middle and high schools. This was my second live Jazz musical concert which no doubt has left a lasting appreciation of this form of music. The ensemble included a piano, trombone, drums, bass and saxophone.  A guitar was also part of this ensemble as well as an electric bass. A tendor saxophone and soprano saxophone was also featured.  There were a total of ten (10) performences beginning with ‘Little Sunflower’ and ending with ‘Grand Slam’. It had all the elements of sophistication and feisty rhythms.  At times I found myself moving my head in unison with the beat of the numerous instruments and sound it transcended.
The most impressive piece, in my opinion by far, was ‘Moanin’ performed by vocalist Amanda Gonzalez. This was a fantastic piece which had me moving in my seat to the beat and sound of this musical which included piano, saxophone, bass and drums. The rendition of this musical at the live concert was no doubt similar to “Fever” by Peggy Lee. Although Amanda Gonzalez tried her best as a vocalist her voice lacked the soul in which a jazz singer requires.
The other impressive piece was ‘The Way You Look Tonight originally performed by Frank Sinatra’. The courageous use of ‘A’ major with ‘B’ minor contributed to making it a romantic, lively and passionate rendition, especially with the saxophone and drums playing in unison.
The last two songs from Community Jazz Ensemble made the vocalist inaudible. The big band over powered there voice. Although I could barely hear Isabella Gavigilia (vocalist) in “ No More Blues (Chega De Saudade)” a few times I thought I heard her singing in Spanish. Which intrigued my intrest into finding out about Latin Jazz.

With being able to identify cool jazz, bebop, hard bop, and fusion, opened my eyes throughout the Studio Jazz Combo when the trombone and saxophone had solos.
A  piece that really caught my attention in the Studio Jazz Combo was ‘Povo’ which in my opinion gave a very mellow feel. Composed by F. Hubbard, the personnel did a tremendous job of pitch blending and improvisation. This captured the audience attention and made everyone stand and clap when they were finished.
Another song was “Little Sunflower” by F.Hubbard which brought back my ideal of Jazz before taking this class. The most exciting part was Brandon Bryant on trombone. Each time he put his instrument down I was on the edge of my seat waiting for him to start up again.
Throughout the evening, I noticed that these performers had a combination of immeasurable talent, knowledge and skill by making this event one to remember.  It was truly amazing to watch as their true emotions came out in the sound of the instruments.  They were surely having a time of their life which made it more entertaining.  Needless to say, I enjoyed every moment and was happy that the opportunity arose for me to attend this concert.

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: jose8253 April 22, 2010, 08:23:53 PM
Tuesday April 20, 2010, McCarthy Auditorium, I attended the studio Jazz Combo and Community Jazz Ensemble at Kendall campus. All the performers were students from Miami Dade College.  This was my second jazz concert; honestly in my opinion the last concert was a lot better. They had most of the same instruments like the trombone, drums, bass, piano, trumpets and saxophone, but they didn’t have the funny old man, saying funny jokes to the crowd. I really enjoyed the first group of musicians, they were all really young but really knew how too play like musicians with years of experience. What most caught my attention were the guitar and the electric bass players, (Josef Ricardo, on Guitar, Nick Aponte, on bass). Where they mostly stood out in the concert were the songs little Sunflower, Yardbird Suite, A night in Tunisa, Povo, Scrapple from the apple. Travis Graves on the saxophone, performed well but there was a few notes that he did not interpret well. I believe he will gain more experience in years to come and become a very famous saxophone player because I certainly believe he has the talent. The song I liked the most that was played was the way you look tonight because it was the only song I have ever heard before the concert. The vocalist Amanda Gonzalez and Jordan Brown sang that song very well, they made a perfect duet for the song and great voices to support the song as well. Even though I liked the other concert more, one thing that I liked about this concert was the fact that we got to experience two concerts in one, which is a great thing. The ensemble made me feel like there were much more players than the first concert. There was the vocal area that had Amanda Gonzalez, Isabella Gaviglia and Jordan Brown. In trumpets there was Mike ODonnell. Pedro Ramos and Kiernan Smith. For the trombones there was Shaun Lones, Alex Rodriguez, Richard Vargas, Alejandro X. Selgas, Guillermo Ramirez and Michael Nunez. In the saxophones they had Takashi, David Gonzalez, David Espinosa, Frixos Psiloyenis, Victor Peralta, Daniel Sagastume. On piano they had Timothy Taylor and Ron Lopez. There were a lot more people then the first concert but it really made the audience grasp what jazz is really all about, it made my experience there a lot more exciting. James Broderick the director, who played the flugel horn in the Latin feel, played a different instrument I have never heard of. But I would like to say that he played his instrument very well and gave the audience something new. I recommend anyone who hasn’t attended a jazz concert or who has never heard jazz music before, to come and enjoy these wonderful concerts, they are very relaxing and takes your mind to another place. I will never forget the experiences that I had in these two concerts that I attended, these are all very good musicians and they all did very well. I am going to be willing to keep attending to more concerts in the future because this class has really opened my eyes.

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: marcello5841 April 22, 2010, 08:26:42 PM
Even though I loved the first jazz concert I went to, I really did not like this one. Maybe it is because the last concert did such a great job that basically I had much higher expectations for this jazz concert as well. The Jazz concert had two groups, one was the Studio Jazz Combo and the other one was the Community Jazz Ensemble. It was held at the McCarthy Auditorium in the Miami Dade Kendall Campus. The first group that played was the Studio Jazz Combo. I did not like there performance very much. You could see that they were students and not professionals, but I have to give them credit for trying. The first son was “Little Sunflower” was the drums start and then all the other instruments begin to combine themselves into the music. It was an OK start for the night, nothing too remarkable. I liked Yard bird suite the most, it was the best song that this group played all night because it was a very cheerful song. The sax had a very important performance which I liked very much. I really like the song A Night in Tunisia but I did not like their performance that much, even though they tried hard, they did not impress me that much. The trombone made a good start but after the rest began to play, they just lost it in my opinion. Povo was kind of nice because I liked the call and answer between the trombone and the sax, that was one of my favorite parts of the night. Scrapple from the Apple was average, but the ending was kind of surprising I did not expect it to be so abrupt.

The second part of the night was played by the other group called Community Jazz Ensemble. They looked a lot more professional than the first group. From this part on I enjoyed the night a little more than before. The first song that they played was called Moanin, where I think that the vocalist did a great job. I usually focus more on the instruments than on the vocals but this girl called Amanda Gonzalez did an excellent job singing. I also liked very much the song No more blues, because they were singing in Portuguese. I just found that very nice and different from everything I had heard before. And to give it something extra the director was playing the trumpet which I think he did a very good job at it. The Way You Look Tonight was also a song I enjoyed very much, again the vocalist Amanda Gonzalez did a great job. When Sunny Gets Blue was kind of sad at the beginning when the piano and guitar start playing, it was a bit melancholic but I still enjoyed it. Grand Slam was the last song that they played and it was a very good ending, it was a cheerful ending for the concert and even though I did not like it as much as the first one, I still enjoyed it.

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: kendra2203 April 22, 2010, 09:48:33 PM
On Tuesday April 20, I attended a jazz concert entitled “Studio Jazz Combo” at 7:30 in the McCarthy auditorium. Once I had sat down and looked at the pamphlet I noticed that there were actually two different performances that night, which I liked just because it was like going to two different concerts in one sitting. So the first group of the night was called Studio Jazz Combo. It consisted of 7 musicians which was nice but kind of a small number compared to the first concert I had gone to which was the Latin jazz containing almost 20 musicians. The director of this group was Matthew Bonelli. The group started off the night with a number called “Little sunflower” the song actually started off as a little drum solo preformed by Steven Batts. Once the rest of the band joined in, it sounded nice. That type of music reminds me of something you would here in the background of a nice restaurant. I thought it was pleasant, not too up beat though. It was kind of a medium tempo song in my opinion. There was another solo, which I also liked. It was by Josef Ricard playing the electric guitar. The next number that was preformed that night was called “Yandbird Suite”. This song had more of a swing feel to it than the first one, which I thought, sounded very jazzy. The third song preformed by the group was my favorite from them for the night. It was called “A Night in Tunisa”. I particularly liked the walking base line played by Steven Batts in the beginning and then through out the rest of the song. The last number preformed by them was called “ Scrapple from the Apple” which was a take off from Charlie Parker. The director explained that it was different from the way Charlie Parker had usually played it, but he did from time to time play it that way. Over all I thought it was nice, but I think I prefer to watch bigger bands play. I just think it sounds more dynamic with more musicians and there are many other instruments that get to be used in the songs.
The next show was “Community Jazz Ensemble”. This was a big band with about 23 musicians and 3 vocalists. This was the first time I saw that vocalists were involved and I have to say I liked the songs even more with them. The singers had amazing voices and 2 of them preformed a duet, which was my favorite number from this band. The numbers from this group had a blues feeling to them. There was another solo piece in which I really liked by Ron Lopez on the piano in the song “ Moanin”. I did see that the director of this ensemble, which was James Brodercik, was also playing the Flugel horn. He’s really good, I liked that he involved him self in some aspect of the performance. I think at the end I still liked the Latin jazz concert a little bit more, but I do have to say I enjoyed all the performances I saw and I wouldn’t have been able to say that if it weren’t for taking this class. I definitely have more appreciation for this type of music and these instruments.

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: Giselle0303 April 23, 2010, 03:01:42 AM
I attended my second concert on April 20, 2010 (Tuesday). This concert was held in the Auditorium in the Miami Dade Kendall Campus.  Right away I had a better feeling about this concert than my last because there were pamphlets handed out, which at my last concert there were none. I realized there would be two concerts. The Jazz concert had two groups, one was the Studio Jazz Combo and the other one was the Community Jazz Ensemble. The group of musicians playing was a much smaller group then I anticipated. The group had about 7 musicians. The director of this group was Matthew Bonelli. Like my first concert the instruments played were the drums, trombone, bass, piano, trumpets and saxophone. The first group who performances were very talented and seemed very well prepared. The group started off the night with a song called “Little sunflower” by Freddie Hubbard. There were a total of ten (10) performances. I truly enjoyed the performance especially the drums. I liked Yard bird suite a lot it had a very upbeat and happy even cheerful sound to it. The song I liked the most that was played was the way you look tonight. This is a very popular song so I was so excited when I heard it being played. It was sung in a duet by vocalist Amanda Gonzalez and Jordan Brown. Josef Ricardo was playing the guitar and I thought he did a very good job; he seemed confident and is a very talented musician. The trumpet players were Mike O’Donnell. Pedro Ramos and Kiernan Smith.
The trombone and saxophone had many solos, which were one of my favorite parts, I like to enjoy seeing an individual perform and truly show off their talents.  The second part of the concert had many more members. I feel that I enjoyed the second half even more; even the director performed an instrument I had never seen nor heard of. The first group did there were six saxophonists, three trumpet players six trombone players two bass players and two guitarists. There were three vocalists. I mainly enjoyed the director’s solo on the Fugal horn. The performances were very entertaining, other songs that were performed that I enjoyed were moanin’ and “No More Blues”. “ No More Blues” was sung in Portuguese. This was my overall favorite song and performance. It was so unique and different. The vocalist sounded so beautiful, I found myself getting so invested in the music, I than realized the true effects of jazz music and the impact one song can have one someone. I loved the performance and truly enjoyed the instruments as well. Overall I enjoyed this concert much more than I enjoyed the second one. I liked the Latin feel to the jazz and the band seemed to be much more prepared and rehearsed. The crowd also seemed much more into the performances. The more I learn about jazz the more I enjoy hearing it live, and being able to see the musicians play, I have learned to appreciate the music so much more after taking this class and attending this concert and I hope to learn even more.

: Re: Small Jazz Ensemble Concert 4/20
: Giselle0303 April 23, 2010, 07:52:00 AM
 After reading the critiques, It seems like everyone enjoyed the first half of the concert more than the second half. I think I really enjoyed the the second half more , even thought I do agree the performances got a little lazy.

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