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: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Brian C. Wuttke January 14, 2010, 06:39:10 PM
Salsa Jazz Band
Tuesday, March 23rd, 7:30 pm
Location: McCarthy Hall, Room 6120

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Viviana Forero March 24, 2010, 10:14:11 AM
On March 23 2010, I attended the Salsa Jazz Band concert at Miami Dade College directed by Paphael Valencia.  The Jazz coordinator was Matt Bonelli.  The band was composed of an Alto and Tenor Sax player,  a lead trombone player, a bass trombone player, four trumpet players, a pianist, guitarist, two drummers, three bass players, Enrique Navarro on the Congas, Paula Catano on the Timbales and Finally Ms. Almirall on the Vibes (my favorite).   To be honest I was not looking forward to this.  To my surprise the show was a lot better than what I thought, it was actually very good.  The band had me dancing in my seat.  It was a good experience, in class we are constantly talking about the instruments and what they sound like.  It was not till the concert that I was really able to appreciate and hear the instruments.  The first song was Fantasia Cubana, this song included a solo on the Vibes.  Daysi-Celia Almirall played the Vibes, she was my favorite.   She was so good and energetic.  Daysi had a couple solos and I enjoyed them all, especially in the song Pick Yourself Up.  In this song she was not the only solo.  Alejandro Calixto accompanied her on the Tenor Sax as well as a gentleman on the Trumpet (not sure of his name since there were 4 Trumpet players).  Alejandro Calixto was my second favorite; he did a great job playing the Tenor Sax.  It was obvious that Calixto really enjoyed playing the Sax, he was into it and you can tell he really felt the music.  His Solo in the song Palledium Days was amazing.  I must say I was a bit surprised to see to see a woman; Paula Castano on the Timbales, she was also very good.  Castano shared a solo with drummer Danny Lopez.  This solo was not one of my favorites.  In the song Bop Inn Camilo Velendia had a guitar solo; truthfully I did not like it.  It didn’t seem to me like the guitar fit in well or maybe it was just what he played.  I noticed that the director kept changing the Bass players and they had different instruments.  Personally I liked Willie Diaz the best as the Bass player and I likeddhis instrument the best as well.  The pianist George Gonzalez was also very good.  My favorite solo from him was the one of the song, Shinning Stockings.  George got into the song and reminded me why the piano was my favorite instrument.  Everything he played sounded beautiful; he kind of inspired me to take piano lessons.  I know it may be too late but I would absolutely love to learn how to play the piano.  Finally, what is a salsa band without Congas?  Aber Carias was that touch of flavor.  He was very enthusiastic on the Congas.  He is the one that had me dancing in my chair.  Like I said before, I was very surprised that I enjoyed this concert.  it was Great and I am truly looking forward to the one on April 7 for my second critique.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: ADIL9379 April 18, 2010, 06:18:02 PM
On March 23 I attended the Salsa Jazz Band Concert at Miami-Dade College. Since I come from a family that loves to dance music from its Hispanic roots, I was really excited to attend a Salsa Jazz Band Concert. This was also the first musical concert I have ever attended. The Music Director was Raphael Valencia and the Jazz Coordinator was Matt Bonelli. The band had an array of instruments that were composed in four sections which included saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and the rhythm section. The alto saxophone was played by Fred Feigenbaum and the tenor saxophone was played by Alejandro Calixto. There were also two different types of trombones. The lead trombone was played by Kennenth Torres and the bass trombone was played by Ernesto Bayola. There were four trumpet players which included Omar Perlata, Emiliano Torres, Pedro Ramos, and Ariel Gonzalez. The bands rhythm section had a large assortment of instruments which included a piano (George Gonzalez), guitar (Camilo Velendia), vibes (Daysi Celia Almirall), timbales (Paula Castano), drums (Danny Lopez and Aber Carias), Congas (Enrique Navarro), and bass (David Lopez, Nick Aponte, and Willie Diaz). It was a great experience, being my first concert. There were no dull moments. The concert was about an hour and a half long but felt like only 30 minutes and there were a total of 9 songs. The opening song was my favorite song for the whole concert. The name of the song was “Fantasia Cubana” and it included a Vibes Solo by Daysi Celia Almirall which was amazing. The vibes were my favorite throughout the whole concert. I did not know what vibes were until the day of the concert. Daysi played them so well and with so much energy that it made me want to get out of my seat and dance. My second favorite part of the concert was the “Pent Up House” song. This song featured a drum solo that included a small part by  Paola Castano on the timbalas. This part was astonishing and I have never seen a woman play the timbalas before in my entire life. She played them so well that when I arrived at my house I started listening to toyo Puentes on my IPod. I also enjoyed Alejandro on the tenor saxophone. I was surprised at how loud and clear the sound quality coming from his saxophone was. I noticed that he was really into the music. Just by watching him play you could tell that he felt the music as it was coming out of him. He was so confident and energetic that he had everyone’s utmost attention as they cheered him on. George Gonzalez did a wonderful job on the piano. He played very fast and upbeat pieces that left you staring in astonishment. Another noticeable band member was the Emiliano Torres on the trumpet. After hearing him play I could imagine how good Miles Davis was in his time, being considered one of the greats. I was surprised by how rich and clear the music was. I have a better appreciation towards music after hearing it live and actually watching the artist play their instruments.         

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: judith8837 April 21, 2010, 01:17:41 PM
     I attended to MDC Salsa Jazz Concert on March 23, 2010 at McCarthy Auditorium Miami Dade Kendall Campus. This was my second time assisting to a jazz concert and it was very good. Since I am Cuban and inside of my culture and traditions music always has playing a very important role I was very exiting when I realized that the concert will be performed by a Salsa Jazz Band. The band was directed by the musical director Raphael Valencia and the jazz coordinator Matt Bonelli. As surprise for me Matthew J. Bonelli, Lecturer (Jazz Bass), has a M.M. in jazz performance from the University of Miami and is a member of the Bee Gees rhythm section since 1993. Bonelli has appeared on the Tonight Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Royal Variety, Late Night with David Letterman, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and other major network productions. He is a very professional musician that helps the MDC Jazz Band to sounds very good. The Band was divided into four sections: there were two saxophones, Fred Feigenbaum (Alto) and Alejandro Calixto (tenor), two trombones Kennenth Torres (lead) and Ernesto Bayola (bass), four trumpets Omar Peralta, Emiliano Torres, Pedro Ramos, Ariel Gonzalez, and a rhythm section with piano, guitar, vibes, timbales, drums, congas, and bass. The band sounded like a big band with a lot of Latin rhythms, different colors tones and emphasis in swing feeling.  The first song was Fantasia Cubana, in this song Daysi Celia Almirall did a great job with the vibes, she transmitted to the audience all her energy by dancing and playing high quality of sound. The second song was Airegin, here the tenor sax Alejandro Calixto did a really good performance, he played the sax so high with agility and velocity, he played very high notes that provoked an immediate response of the audience with claps. The third song Drumme Negrita was one of my favorites, Omar Peralta one of the trumpet player did a great solo. In my opinion he was the best player in the concert. He played very high notes, with too much feeling and Latin rhythm. He was played the trumpet for a long time without stopping, like he was imitating a singer. That moment was wonderful. The fourth song was Bop Inn with tenor sax, guitar, and vibes solos. Later, Jazz Sabor, again Omar Peralta with his solo, I really enjoyed this song because the sax and guitar sounded very familiar for me. This song brought me back to my country and to a festival that we call Carnavales where I usually heard music like this. After that, Pick Yourself Up and Pent Up House were two wonderful songs that made my feet move because the tropical rhythm and the strong power of the sound coming from the timbales; the drum solo were just perfect and all the instrument were very good coordinated. There were two more songs Shining Stockings and Palledium Days. The last one offered a great finale to the concert, the alto and tenor Saxes played incredible high notes and all the audience were really excited by the great job done by all the musicians. Once again I was really amazed by the talent of the whole band and also how this kind of music has influence me in the new way I look at Jazz.       

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: kendra2203 April 21, 2010, 10:02:27 PM
On Tuesday, March 23, I attended the Latin Jazz Band performance at 7:30 PM at the McCarthy Hall. The director of the band was Raphael Valencia. There were 18 musicians for this performance. It was divided into 4 different groups. The Saxophones, which had 1 alto and 1 tenor, the Trombones, with 1 lead and 1 bass, the Trumpets, and the Rhythm section. The rhythm section consisted of a piano, vibes, timbales, congas, bass, drums and percussions. 
    The first number preformed in the concert was called Fantasia Cubana. This personally was my favorite number throughout the whole night. It was very upbeat and lively. I really enjoyed the vibes section of this song played by Dasyi-Celia-Almirall. It had a lot more of a salsa feeling to it than a jazz feel though. The next song “Airegin” was a little less upbeat than the first one but I really liked the guitar solo by Camilo Velendia as well as the Percussion section towards the end. “Drumme Negrita” actually sounded more like a jazzy ballroom piece to me. It kind of kept a slow rhythm throughout the number. The next piece was “ Bop Inn” I really enjoyed listening to the piano in this one. I seemed to like the rhythm instruments throughout all the numbers. I especially enjoyed listening to the percussions, vibes, and the Congas. I am Cuban, so maybe I enjoyed them just a little bit more because they are more familiar to me. One piece I did not particularly enjoy was “Jazz Sabor”. Its not that I didn’t like the number, I just think that maybe the numbers were starting off really upbeat and exciting and then going down to a more mellow type of rhythm. Towards the end of the show the performance songs started to pick up pace again.  I’m thinking it was purposely ordered that way so they can end on the same note that they had begun. “ Pick Yourself Up” started off with the piano, which was played by George Gonzalez. I also like the piano so I enjoyed each time he had a solo, like in this number.
   Now after taking this class I have learned more about Jazz and these instruments, which I was not familiar with at all. Watching this concert with a little bit of base knowledge of these instruments helped me enjoy this even more. I had never been to a Jazz concert, let alone any concert before this one. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about it. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed going to a concert. I don’t think I would have ever attended a jazz concert if it weren’t for taking this class. With out have taken this course, I think I would've spent the whole time trying to figure out which instrument was which and I probably wouldn’t have had much of a positive experience. Overall I enjoyed listening and watching the Latin Jazz Concert. I am glad that I chose this concert as my first one.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: jessica5665 April 22, 2010, 08:37:59 AM
It sounds like i really missed a good concert. I was actually planning to come to this performance but the night of the show something came up. I hope another opportunity comes along so i can experience what you all enjoyed.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Viviana Forero April 22, 2010, 08:51:01 AM
Jessica...unfortunately you did miss a great show.  It was just so up beat...all the performers were great.  I am sure there is going to be another opportunity for you to enjoy this concert.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Leany2131 April 22, 2010, 09:36:20 PM
I attended the past March, 23 to the Salsa concert at Miami Dade College at the McCarthy Auditorium, the concert didn’t last for long, but I really appreciate the time that I spend there, it was really nice to listen this kind of Jazz mix it with a little of salsa, the music made me feel that I had to dance that night. This was my second time assisting at a Jazz Concert but to be honest this second one was the one that I really like and that I enjoyed.
The concert was directed by Raphael Valencia, and the Jazz coordinator was Matt Bonelli. The concert fulfill my expectations because it was exactly what I was expecting. The performance started with the song called “Fantasia Cubana”.  Daysi-Celia Almirall played the Vibes. Daysi had a couple solos and I really enjoyed all the time she was playing the instrument, she was dancing while playing, she showed to the audience that she was enjoying the concert, she demonstrate passion for what she does, and something very important from her is that she was very energetic. The band had a selection of instruments, which was divided in saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and the rhythm section. .There were two types of trombones, the lead trombone who was played by Kennenth Torres and the bass trombone who was played by Ernesto Bayola.George Gonzalez in the Rhythm section was great to me, I really appreciate the melodies that he played in the piano, and I don’t know if it was because piano it is my favorite instrument but it was so beautiful to listen to him playing the piano.
   One of the songs that I liked was the third song “Drumme Negrita” this song was played by the trumpet player Omar Peralta, he did a solo, he played the trumpet for a very long time and with high notes, he was making movement like if he was dancing while playing the trumpet,  he just did a great job.
   In my opinion the concert was magic and very energetic, full of really good melodies. The music made me dance and made me feel good to be there. After this concert I would like to assist to other Salsa Jazz concert because it was wonderful to be at that auditorium and listen to every piece of music. After taking this Jazz and Popular music class I learned to appreciate a different type of music that I wasn’t used to listen, I have to say that Jazz is beautiful and I didn’t know that until I took this class.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Giselle0303 April 23, 2010, 02:18:17 AM
I agree the concert could have been much better, after reading these critiques, I feel exactly the same way. It was so rude when people began to walk out, but the clearly did because the band was lacking a lot of the attention. I was a good concert, but I agree they really need some more practice.

: Re: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Giselle0303 April 23, 2010, 03:02:40 AM
I truly wish I would have gone, I am latin and love salsa, and after reading some of these critiques, it seemed like a very unique and interesting concert to have attended.

: Salsa Jazz Band 3/23
: Gabriel4421 April 23, 2010, 05:31:37 AM
Gabriel Dearmas
Salsa Jazz Band

On March 23rd 2010 I finally attended my first jazz concert. It took place at Miami Dade College in their McCarthy Auditorium. The event I wanted to attend was the Salsa Jazz Band concert. The first time I heard about this concert I was very intrigued. Being that I come from a Hispanic background, I’ve never been exposed to our jazz roots so I was pretty excited to see what this concert was all about. At first I wasn’t too sure what to expect till I saw the first performance of the show by Daysi Almirall. She was playing a vibes solo. Ms. Almirall’s performance was great, the way she was performing and dancing not only captivated my attention but those of others in that room as well. I noticed she had put a lot of passion into this which helped because I was really feeling the whole salsa/jazz vibe feeling.  You could say the salsa was my missing gap to memory lane. This made me appreciate the performance for what it was.
After the first show I was really looking forward to the second. Airegin included performances by Alejandro Calixto at sax tenor, Camilo Velendia playing the guitar, and George Gonzalez at piano. This group of players brought a lot of energy into their performance. I was really looking forward to the piano aspect of this performance since I’m a big fan of the instrument. The crowd was very excited, for myself I had a feeling of anticipation not knowing what to expect next. George Gonzalez had an excellent performance in my opinion. Maybe it was because it was the first time I saw someone performing on the piano, but for my first it was a great experience. The way he played the piano was soothing to my ears and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every player brought their own unique expressions to the performance especially Alejandro. Mr. Calixto played with high energy and was astounding with the sax.  I was able to connect to his style and rhythm. The flow of the music had myself and the crowd going.
My concert experience was great and one that I won’t ever forget. One thing is to sit in class and listen to audio from a computer, than to listen to the music live. In person you can feel it and see the passion and hard work these musicians put in their art. In addition the sound of every instrument is left echoing deep into your memory for all eternity. Especially the way Alejandro played the sax which was my favorite. I’m really Open minded about music. This class has exposed me to the roots of many of the genres I’ve been listening to for years. I have a much greater appreciation for jazz through this concert. I hope to experience some more in the near future.

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