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: Pagliacci & Suor Angelica
: felisha9179 November 16, 2009, 08:17:44 PM
I had the chance of going to opening night of Pagliacci & Suor Angelica on Saturday at the Arsht center. It was really great to be able to watch an opera since thats what we are discussing in class. The first one, pagliacci, was really great and had me on edge the whole time. Suor Angelica,was okay but the last twenty minutes were the best without a doubt. I thought i wasnt going to be that interested, but i really did enjoy it. The woman who played the lead in both the operas was fantastic. She was singing high E's while collapsing on the floor and running around (something that is not an easy task at all ) but it looked like it was as easy as breathing. I was truly fascinated by the opera and i cant wait to watch the next ones that the Florida Grand Opera has in store this season.

Well, now that i'm done ranting i can get to the point. I had really good seats for the opera (first row of the third balcony, pretty good at the Arsht.) and i got them for five dollars a piece. So if anyone is interested in going to see the opera heres the website and as long as you have a student ID the tickets are 5 dollars each. I really suggest it, its a great way to see opera for a great price!
*check frequently they keep adding dates and tickets as the show continues*

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