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: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15
: Brian C. Wuttke August 21, 2009, 04:32:11 AM
MDC Student Solo Recital
Jay Brown, Coordinator
Sunday, November 15, 7:30 pm
Location: Fascell Center, Room K413

: Re: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15
: felisha9179 November 18, 2009, 01:08:57 PM
On November 15th 2009, I attended the Student Solo Recital held in the Fascell Center.  It was very interesting to see the variety of musicians performing at the recital. The recital consisted of piano, trombones, clarinets, French horns, and vocal soloist. You could tell that the student performers were very nervous, but each one went up confidently to perform.  I was very impressed by the trombone players and their solos. I had never heard the trombone played by it, I’m used to hearing it in a band or orchestra, and it was amazing to hear the true range of the trombone.  Ernesto Bayola played a piece composed by David Brubeck titled “Africa” and it was amazing to hear how low the bass trombone could go and how quickly it could change to a higher pitch. I must say that he was one of the most interesting performers to watch because you could see that he was really feeling the music through his facials and body language. Other trombone players were good too, but by far he was the most entertaining.
I was also very impressed by the vocalist. Adam Cahill sang “Warm as the Autumn Light” from The Ballad of Baby Doe, and you could tell that he truly has a passion for music. His voice was nearly perfect. One of my favorite things that he did was that he connected all the phrases so beautifully. It was as if the breath marks were placed in the perfect place. His vibrato was very consistent and I loved the way he interacted with the audience.
Although interacting with the audience is a very important aspect of performing, there is such thing as too much interaction which can lead to distraction. This was the case with Rachelle Lang who sang “The Color Purple” from the musical The Color Purple.  Her voice wasn’t bad in that she sang on pitch, but I personally found it a bit piercing. The distracting part of her performance is that she acted out every single word in the song. Yes, the audience likes it when you act in your piece, especially a musical theatre piece, but she had too much and it was very distracting. It felt like I was watching a performance for the hearing impaired and I was really overwhelmed.
Also, the pianist Ana Rivero played Claire de lune by Claude Debussy, which at the moment I did not recognize, but we talked about it in class this week and I found it interesting to have heard her performance. She played very well and I really enjoyed hearing Debussy’s composition live.
The recital itself seemed like a wonderful experience for the students. It is certainly not easy to get up and perform alone with all your family and friends watching, but everyone did relatively well. I look forward to the next recital and seeing what these students end up doing in the future.

: Re: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15
: christina5793 December 01, 2009, 08:30:49 AM
     About halfway through the fall semester at Miami-Dade College, students are expected to be excelling in their private lessons and have a number of pieces ready to perform for an audience. The “Student Solo Recital” is designed to be for the students benefit in that it is a concert designed for practice at performing in front of an audience rather than it being solely for the audiences’ enjoyment and entertainment.  It differs from a forum because the attendees include parents and friends; it is an open concert and has no feedback after each performer.  Unlike a forum, the audience is there for support rather than to deliver constructive criticism, however the music teacher’s may offer advice after the concert is finished. 
     The “Student Solo Recital” during the fall semester of 2009 took place on November 15th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and was held in Room K412.  The concert was very diverse in its content, having musicians of all different sorts as well as singers, each performing different styles of music complete with their own artistic expression.  The concert began strangely with exuberant applause for the first performer.  The pianist performed two solos on the piano including Sonatina in G major, Op.2 by Frederich Kuhlau and Giteeanerias from Suite Espana: Andalucia by Ernesto Lecuona.  It was interesting to see that her applause lasted longer than a quick moment like nothing I’ve ever seen before, in fact, long enough for her to return for a second bow.  This exemplified that her performance was very moving, or perhaps that she was not yet ready to take a seat. 
     The concert continued in a regular manner, each individual confidently performing what they had prepared in hopes to get ready for future gigs of greater significance career wise, and for some, simply to get the grade from having participated.  There were few mistakes, accept for one pianist who lost her place and stumbled through the notes for a brief moment before finding her place again.  The vibe from the listeners was sympathy rather than disappointment.  There were a total of three trombonists that all performed differing piecing modeling their fortes on their instrument.  Ernesto Bayola performed a tremendously difficult piece that he mastered well.  It was not perfected one hundred percent but it showed how great his potential is,which will come quickly with the motivation it must have taken him to learn such a difficult piece.  He performed Stereogram No. 15, “Africa” by David W. Brubeck, who is interestingly enough, his private teacher.  The concert was concluded with a wonderful jazz duet performed by Mathew Richards on flute and Shintaro Yasuda on piano.  This was most definitely the best piece to end with. Firstly, because it was a duet and secondly because it was performed with great passion and musical endearment, with scats of the performers own creation.
     All in all, the “Student Solo Recital” was a great learning experience for the performers as well as the audience and it created a homely environment of comfort.  This recital is very helpful and is fortunately held each and every semester at Miami-Dade College Music Department.

: Re: MDC Student Solo Recital 11/15
: felisha9179 December 01, 2009, 04:40:14 PM
I'm glad i just read your review because i completely forgot to mention that Ernesto Bayola's piece was composed by his teacher. I think that it must be so intimidating to have to perform something not only when the composer is in the room, but when he is your teacher. I would never want to mess up his creation. Luckily for Ernesto, at least in my opinion he did the piece more than justice.

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