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Title: Critique #2
Post by: Brian C. Wuttke on June 21, 2010, 07:00:16 pm
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Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Alexander5586 on July 02, 2010, 07:40:14 pm
The Grid from Koyannisqati by Phillip Glass. Now, the music starts off with a trombone in a low pitch, slow tempo, and a soft dynamic, while we see the buildings' lights in New York City being turned off. It's a symbolism of night is coming and everybody is going to sleep or/and bed. Then the day is coming back, and we see people going to work in fast motion (throughout almost the entire video/song). The pitch gets a little louder and the tempo is a little faster and extra instruments like keyboard and string are added it to show us that the day is starting.
Then, as soon as see the people walking in the subway, the tempo goes fast, the pitch gets high, and the dynamics get loud. The vocals are added as well as to give you that power of people walking around the streets in New York. However, the tempo seems to go at times moderately slow and fast at times, but it goes mostly fast.
Then, as the music continues, we see people working, like a hot dog factory. Then, the tempo goes slow to tell us (and judging by the images) that night has come. We see people playing arcade games, bowling, watching a film in at a theater. Then, we cut back and forth to the people working at the hot dog factory, and people eating, I think it was mostly hot dogs though. I assume it's to tell us, in a way, of how hot dogs are developed, and we see the people eating the hot dog that was made in the factory.
Now, I think the tempo goes a little faster, and we see other images going by fast to symbolize that people are still working or doing other things in the city. Such as people working in a car company, money being made, and we see the cars being made in the car company.
Cut to the sun rising, and day coming back. We see images of buildings, highways, and citizens in the street again. Then, we go into slow motion, then moderate. Then fast again, then things on TV, then people on the beach. Then after a few images, the song starts going into a REALLY fast tempo, HIGHER PITCH, and stops all of sudden as we see an image of a high building.
As for most of the video/song, I think the song was gives us a message or feel to how life in the city usually works, or what's going on mostly during the week. The slow tempo/low pitch tone signals the way night goes, and the fast tempo/high pitch tone gives a fast pace movement of every day in the street or city. It's to show how life is in the city. I feel that images and music were put really nice. Overall, it was really nice work by Glass.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: david2270 on July 03, 2010, 06:20:03 pm
In The Grid from Koyannisqati by Phillip Glass starts off with what looks like to me images from New York City. The music starts off with the tuba. It seems really soft and melow. Just like the lights in the building,very dim and soft,almost relaxing. It seems to me at this point that i'm taking a step back from whatever i'm doing and seeing how everything is moving together quickly and together. I like the french horns and trumpets that are muted playing together with the tuba. As the music gets faster so does the images showing traffic. The music is presto right now.When the chorus comes in the images reflect to me buisness. People doing transactions making money. It seems with the music everybody is in a hurry and everything is organized. Everything seems to have it's own manner. It's own thing. I think the tempo in this piece was fast just like everything else in the video. The instruments to me sounded very machine like. Just like the images showing factories,cars,escalators,elevators,trains,ect. It seems in a way we are all machines like we are programed. The tonality and melody is the  same throughout. And redundant just like the images. The music and images makes me feel and see what a crazy world we live in. And how we adapt to so many things. And I think thats the message too. I thought the different variety of instruments was really cool. I thought it was really long almost too long maybe because it just seemed the same throughout. The music was monophonic most of the time. But i think it had all three different musical textures.The music was in binary form. There was a lot of repetoyion . Toward the end of the the music is mostly keybords and electronics. There was really no meter to this song that I could distinguish. Just seemed to have it's own time. Overall I really didn't care to much for this piece. I thought it was too long and boring. Maybe if it was shorter I would've enjoyed it more.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: daniel5816 on July 05, 2010, 09:14:25 am
   In this selection of music, at the beginning of the video I was listening to this bass sound along with the visuals of these enormous buildings with a slow camera; it made me feel like a very small person next to these constructions. The dynamics from this selection is crescendo, because it went from a slow bass sound to a faster kind of music with different kind of instruments. After a while, the music started to play a faster tempo and the video was focusing on the cars traveling at a very high camera speed. At the time when the sun rose in the morning, there were vocals added to the song, which it made me feel excited and energized at the same time. Around at the middle of the play, there were adding more instruments every minute which it made me feel excited, even though there was still the same visuals from before. After a while there were people that appeared in the video, they seemed to be in a hurry due to the speed of the camera, but i think they were just normally walking; the video showed some companies which the machines were doing the work, and I noticed that these machines were working with a very similar tempo that the music was playing. At the end of the video, I realized that the same music was playing throughout the entire video, if it was not for the video that was playing along with the music, i would of been already been bored by the time the play was half way through. What i liked and feel surprised about this selection was that the music did not seem to make me feel bored as long as it was being played with the video, because the listener would have something to be entertained with.

Title: The Longest Song I Have Ever Heard!
Post by: marco9891 on July 05, 2010, 03:10:31 pm
by Philip Glass

   This was the longest song and musical scene that I have ever heard and seen in my life!
For this critique, I will be reviewing “The Grid”, a musical score compose by Philips Glass for the art film KOYAANISQUATSI, who is also the composer that has written the entire films soundtrack. In the music piece, the Grid starts off with an A section played by tubas and trombones that slowly increases the dynamics from very soft to moderate as other brass instruments join to help gain more dissonance. The song then turns to the B section where flutes play a riff continuously while accompanied by a keyboard giving off a trance tone that sounds buzzy. As we are listening, we are entertained by the cinema viewing of a big city that contains high towers and nonstop fast-forwarding traffic that looks like the running lights you would see in “TRON”. The song is then followed by the C section, where the dynamics has now become loud and the melody is played by a singing choir accompanied by the keyboard. In this section, the viewing concentrates on the daily lives of the city where you see slow traffic and people walking by continuously. Several times before the D section, the riffs of A and B play again with the brass, keyboard, and singing section while we view daily routines of the train stations, companies, and workers. The D section then takes place and provides louder dynamics and loud singing by the choir. After that section, the song pretty much plays the riffs of all sections over and over again with full density and very loud dynamics. While listening we view most of what’s going on in cities and the lives of the people. Although in the beginning it sounds slow and goes faster as the song progresses, the tempo is pretty much stable.

I honestly can’t keep describing because this song is so long that there’s a lot of things to be specific about. Although all in all, I found this scene quite interesting because it lacked dialogue throughout the whole thing and simply kept my mind focused as there were only two things going on in my mind. One is the music and two is the viewing of everyday lives on earth. To me, I think that this scene and the music itself represents the world we live in and what it is we do in our everyday life.I actually really like this particular scene because for one the composer really did a fantastic job in the score, and plus the cinematography and lighting was greatly well made regarding how cleared and focused the view looked. You can get a great look at what’s going on in this scene, and I love that in films because it does not leave you confused at the end.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: cavan5119 on July 05, 2010, 06:35:05 pm
The piece I am reviewing, “The Grid” (from Koyannisqati), is written by Phillip Glass. My first impression of “The Grid” was that the music did a great job accompanying the visuals that went along with it. My opinion would soon change.
“The Grid” begins with an introduction of the Brass section, with the Tuba and the Trombone. For what seemed like an eternity the dynamics and tempo remained the same as the same music was repeating itself again and again. As the first part of the song progresses the tempo increases and creates a more rushed, city life vibe for the listener. I would also like to note that as everything is speeding up the video I was seeing was also speeding up.
After the flutes take over for a few minutes, a choir intervenes and makes the repetoyion of the music become a little more enjoyable in my opinion. The dynamics become very loud as well, portraying how unbelievably overwhelming city life can be on the street during very busy times of the days and nights.
Throughout The Grid, the tempo stays around the same pace, but as the dynamics fluctuate, as a listener I could have been tricked into thinking the music was playing faster. The choir and increase in the dynamics intensified the listening experience for me greatly.
   I am not a musician nor do I know much about interpreting music. So I accept that my musical palate may not be refined enough to enjoy this type of music. With that said, I thought it was horribly boring. I had to fight my impulsive nature which was telling me to leave. Although the composer did a fantastic job creating harmony between the video and the music, my head was throbbing afterwards. I couldn’t help but think that the music was written with the visuals in mind. I found the camerawork to be impressive, and the music was certainly reflective of the fast paced city life portrayed in the video, but I would not voluntarily listen to The Grid a second time.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: christian5932 on July 06, 2010, 06:31:25 pm
Phillip Glass’s work “The Grid” is the first that I have had the pleasure of watching and listening to.  His use of images put together with music is truly amazing. It takes so much talent to get such great shots of what I believe is New York city and to parallel that with the right kind of music. The tempo and dynamics of the music really sets the mood of all the images flashed before your eyes. Watching “The Grid” is completely captivating and left me thinking so much about it after it was over.

It is so cool to watch in the beginning of the movie to watch the reflection of the sun going down until it is dark. Also seeing the random lights in the offices turning off gives me a strange feeling of anticipation, the music adds in this feeling.
The city is so grand and teaming with life. I specifically like the scene in the begging of “The Grid” of the moon going behind the tall office building. The music is perfectly synced; the faster the traffic moved the faster the tempo of the music progressed and same for when the tempo slowed down. There was also a scene where he did very good work using shadows on the buildings. The close up shots on the people’s faces gave that scene variety as opposed to the sky shots most commonly used and the voices heard gave it a sense of personality and wonderment of what they could possibly be saying.

All in all, I feel the message behind this video is not necessarily a specific meaning but a more general one. I believe it is on the topic of life and how vast and exciting it can be. My reasoning behind this theory is because of all the lights flashing by and streaming. To me it symbolizes the “night life” scene of the world.  Also the intense speeds that the video shown of the cars and people traveling around the city, which to me shows the idea of the “night life”; people going from place to place, racing down the streets and for some, going home.

So far this has been my favorite music/video to critique and I hope there is more as interesting as this piece.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Joshua5601 on July 06, 2010, 10:20:54 pm
The selection for my critique is “The Grid” (from Koyannisqati), written by Phillip Glass. Based on my observation on this wonderful piece, I was very impressed with how the composer brought together the instruments to create such a dynamic tone. The beginning of the piece is very simple and slow paced, with the use of the Tuba, mixed in with the Trombone. For the majority of the composition the tempo remained very consistent and repetoyive. The beginning of the composition is what enables the audience to get a feel for the type of music and message the composer is setting; it grasps their full attention by starting off very gentle and deep, to then create a very fast paced rhythm, which increases as the song continues. This is when I started becoming very impressed on how the piece and the visuals of New York City come together so perfectly. As the tone would speed up the crowds of people walking in the subway would also become fast pace. Then when the tone became a bit more mellow and started slowing down, the visuals would focus more on still objects such as New York’s skyscrapers. During the composition, I also noticed a choir being used, which in my opinion really intensifies the piece. The Flutes then come into play. At this point is where everything becomes very bold and loud, with the beat racing up and down. This is when the image of Los Angeles’ traffic with the buildings in the background is used; to show that although the traffic is following the fast pace music and city life, the buildings continue to stay put to illustrate the calmness of life. Throughout the piece, I could not help, but to think if the composer wrote the piece with the visuals already in mind. Philip Glass did an amazing job creating this composition and I enjoyed it very much. So far, this has been my favorite piece of music to critique. The message that it generates was very positive and intense. Life is a beautiful thing and can be very fast pace at times, but at the same time, one must be very wise and appreciate all areas of life.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Abraham6219 on July 07, 2010, 10:48:39 am
“The Grid” from Koyannisqatsi by Glass

The video starts of very soft in sound and a deep resonating sound, puts together a smooth and relaxing melody.  Darkness encompasses the screen as I was trying to figure out what was going on. The piece then speeds up with faster video and the sound of possible alto horns helps pick up the tempo. Then the brass is introduced by what I believe are trumpets with short but medium sounding notes. The image of the moon is traveling pretty quick, which I thought was kind of neat. The trumpet causes a tension and release that is pretty easy to pick up. The music slowly does a crescendo as the fast traffic moves in and what sounds like a keyboard or organ joins the scene. Glass did a great job with this piece as the video and music compliment each other very well. Glass gave various descriptions of people working and at the beach.  Harmonized voices are also introduced at the scene at the mall giving it an illusion of people singing. Although the voices sound like they are from a keyboard or soundboard. The rotating door scene I found especially cool as the music and the video gave the appearance of the room itself rotating. Within the last couple of minutes you hear the trumpets and the horns start playing short and quick notes. It does a real good job at building up suspense and then Glass leaves you hanging and the song ends. No big finally, almost like there is still more to be said. Seems that the composer and director are portraying how fast we move with technology throughout the day of Americans. The director shows us the buildings, the cars moving, the twinky factory, escalators and the microchip factory with an extremely fast and upbeat music that gives it the effect of faster movement. The statement between the music and images really does represent the reliance we have with technology.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Christy7674 on July 07, 2010, 03:42:01 pm
The Grid from Koyannisqatsi performed by Phillip Glass in 1983 was presented by a video where you saw a city moving throughout its day. The video showed the different grids of society. They opened with the grid of a building's lights. The song started off slow but the tempo increaseed as the number of instruments being played increased. As the tempo increased so did the activity in the video. The video showed people going throughout their tedious ruiteens; getting to the subway, getting to work, working in a factory, and getting back home. Everytime the precussion's dynamics increased the movement of the city got faster and more intense. I also notice that every time the vocalists timed in that there was a beam of light in the scene.
The melody in this song was very repetative which helped describe the constant rituals. I think that this video is trying to explain that the activity in society never slows down, even though they slowed down clips for certain situations. Most of the activity didn't go along with the rhythm of the song. I feel like the video would be easier to watch if things coincided with the beat. They did, however, replay certain situations as a certain melody replayed itself.
Towards the end of the song they showed how children and adults filled in their free time. For example the child that was playing an arcade game. I think the point of that was to show that people must always occupy their time by distractions. That people must keep themselves entertained, if not by work then by any means necessary.
I didn't really enjoy this video. I felt exhausted just watching it. I did like, however, in the end of the video how they showed the prespective of someone driving a car, rather than the helecopter view of everyone driving around. In this clip you get to see how its still a hassel even though you're supposed to be done with your day. You see how it's a hassel by whitnessing the idiot drivers in the city. I just thought that it was a nice way to close the song. I enjoyed the song, but the video I did not. I thought the song could have been portrayed in a better manner.

Editors Note:

Great critique Christy! Keep up the good work.

Mr. Wuttke

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: yaondy6010 on July 07, 2010, 05:44:45 pm
The Grid from Koyannisqatsis by Phillip Glass was the most boring and longest piece that I have ever heard in my entire life. The music scenes start off in the city of New York. The song himself starts off with a tuba and trombone in a low pitch. The composer of The Grid starts off the song with a low tempo, as we see the lights of the building being turned on and off. Then we see cars and peoples passing through really fast, as the tempo of the song gets earsplitting. This keeps going throughout the entire piece. The composer used a really soft dynamics at the beginning of the song, and as the piece progresses the dynamics gets violent. The instrumentation of the song vary. The composer used tuba and trombone, when the song is going slow and when the song is going fast the composer used brass instruments, as well as a vocal voice to make the song more alive. The melody and tonality of the song makes me feel like I was in the middle of that city shooting the scenes for that music. To me there is a message behind this music and images. The message is that we live in a world where people do the same things every day. We eat breakfast, go to work, come back from work, eat dinner, pay rent, pay bills, visit friends, and have some fun. That’s what we human do every day. If we linked this we the music, we will see that the music keep repeating throughout the twenty minutes. I like and dislike this song. What I like was the scenes that the composer put together. It was really fascinating how peoples and cars were going in fast motion. What I did not like is that the song kept repeating and was too long. This make me feel like I was in a cage with twenty monkey screaming at the same time.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: ross5068 on July 07, 2010, 08:19:35 pm
So we watched a segment from Koyaanisqati: Life out of Balance, a film by Godfrey Reggio with music composed by Philip Glass and I have to say that it totally blew my mind.  The segment itself, titled "The Grid", is an awesome combination of time-lapsed footage from an urban area and a "trippy" mix of orchestral and synthesized sound.  Now, I'm no intellectual but I'm pretty sure that there's some mumbo jumbo explanation for what this film means to convey.  Guessing by the name of the segment, I think it must have something to do with the integration of technology into every aspect of human life. Besides that, there are many musical elements utilized by Glass in the composition of the films score.  The segment begins with a shot of a skyscraper during the night, which resembles some sort of grid by the way.  The music starts with low tones and soft dynamics.  Not positive as to which instruments are being utilized at this point but I have a suspicion that it may be part of the brass section.  Anyway, as the film progresses the music is becoming ever more epic, an effect caused by an increase in the tempo and the dynamics of the composition as well as the addition of more instruments.  Also, I detected that at some points, the beat would change from duple meter to triple meter, or at least thats what I thought was happening.  There's a synthesizer playing notes at a rapid rate, I assume to imitate the sounds of machinery or the "bleeps" and "bloops" of technological devices.  Reminded me of "On the Run", from Pinkfloyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  Homophonic textures are used throughout the peice, where low rhythmic tones accompany human voices.  Towards the beginning of the segment I was hearing dissonant tones or the song was slipping into a minor key, I'm not sure but it seemed as if all this frantic running around and modern day to day living was something to be feared.  But as it all progresses it turns triumphant and I feel good about being human and experiencing what all has lead up to.  and so on...


Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: jonathan 8996 on July 07, 2010, 08:32:01 pm

The Grid from Koyannisqatsi by Phillip Glass this song starts with a really good image of the building from New York City. It’s a very slow song that its stars with the base sound and goes along with the video, how you could hear the trumpet and the silence of the city and the flashing lights. this is a great idea to put a song into a video like this it shows how life is at night and how the rhythm follows and it fits into the night, the cars it shows that a city never stops and how it starts to speed up with a new begging day and that’s when the song start to speeds up. While that new day begins and it stars to go by more instruments are play and more sounds and more rhythm your start to hear. Then the flute is play along with the key board that they give the song a better effect Phillip uses different places and at nights and a day time by showing that anywhere in the world there’s people doing something but at the end of the day there’s s a better coming the follow in day, and how everything is a routine that never stops, the more you do it the better you get. I liked this Idea and the way this song type of video what’s put in to the song because it shows the video movement same routine and the song shows routine and shows movements that by using the same keys over and over something comes out it’s a really good composition and you really enjoy songs like this because it makes you visualize more things and every body sees different views from the song and the video. It was a really interesting song to hear and the video to see at makes you think and see the world and our lives in a different way.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Christian3288 on July 07, 2010, 10:09:41 pm
The Grid from Koyannisqatsi begins at a very simple and slow paced tempo, with the use of the Tuba, mixed with a Trombone at a very soft dynamic. The low range instruments stay on the same note for what feels like ages as a picture of a skyscraper appears. The time laps photography of the building shows the night progressing as you see the lights in rooms turning off and on. Woodwind instruments such as the flute and brass instruments such as the trumpet add to the tuba at a faster tempo and at an increasingly louder dynamic. At the same time the sun starts to rise, that with the trumpet gives the impression that the trumpets are like an alarm clock waking everyone in the city up. As the piece continues the tempo gets much faster and the dynamics much louder and goes along with the video in the sense that all of the people shown are also moving at a fast rate. Toward the end of the piece, the music and the video starts to repeat itself. I believe the producer of the music and the video wanted to show the repetoyion in everyday life and try to show how life goes by so fast. Some parts of the video did not make sense or fit with the music. For example, in the video it shows people staring at the camera in an angry and strange way, which didn’t really fit the rushing through life theme that the video seems to be showing throughout. It was interesting to hear how the composer brought together the instruments to create different feelings through the music such as the faster tempo in the higher instruments that made me feel as if I was running very quickly. I liked the way that the piece finished on an accented note played by the trumpet while the camera gave an overview of the calmness of the city from a sky view because it is where it first began and it gave it a feeling of a conclusion.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Luigi2134 on July 07, 2010, 10:11:55 pm
The next piece of music we listened to for our critique was “The Grid” from the movie Koyannisqatsi.  This song is paired with the footage from the movie as well.  The beginning of the song starts very low.  The basses lead in with a very low pitch and low tone.  It slowly builds into a steady, yet low tone.  Then enters the melody of the song.  This melody sounds like something you would hear before a big event was about to occur.  It gives you a sense of something important.  As the song continues you notice that the tone is getting progressively louder.  Now as you see the moon rising in the accompanied video, you hear the tempo of the song start to speed up.  This use of music seems to be hinting as to how the city comes to life at night.   To accent the accelerated tempo of the song the director used high speeds of footage in order to demonstrate that tempo increase.  The sun then begins to rise and the choir come s into the song.  This seems to symbolize the magic of the sun rising.  Now that the day has begun the tempo returned to medium as to symbolize how sluggish the morning can be compared to the night life.  The video than shifts to a subway terminal and some low pitched instruments are playing and are sounding like people walking.  I personally did not like this piece too much because it was too long.  It was ok to listen to for the first few minutes but once we got into the 8th and 9th minutes it started to become to redundant.  I believe that the video that was used to accompany the music did help with my liking of the piece but in the long run it was too long to be enjoyable.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: Andy6812 on July 07, 2010, 10:12:43 pm
The selection “The Grid” from Koyannisqatsi begins with a lower range instrument that I believe is a tuba and sustains the same note throughout the beginning of the selection. Visually, the video begins in the setting of what seems to be a sky view of New York, through a series of many buildings. The music is appropriate at this point as it is at a very soft dynamic and slow tempo while it is still night time and quite silent in the city. Shortly after, flutes and bells are added that subdivide the original tempo set by the tuba. The brass section, led by the brilliant timbre of the muted trumpet, is then added as well as a gradual crescendo throughout as the streets become more populated with cars. As the sun begins to rise, more and more cars fill the street and singers are added to the music. The vocalists do not sing with words. As a matter of fact they use scat syllables to imitate the sound of instruments. At this point it seems to me that the music’s building dynamic and faster tempo is meant to signify the sounds the awakening of a city and the commencement of a daily routine. As a result, the video begins to show people participating in everyday events such as entering and exiting the subway, working, eating, etc. At this point the music has already built to about a forte dynamic that it sustains throughout the rest of its duration, at which the melody transitions between a quarter note and eighth note triplet feel. At first, the repetoyion of these riff-like phrases catch my attention, yet as the video progresses and they endlessly repeat, I feel overwhelmed by their stagnant dynamic and tempo. The video images are hard to link into a concise thought towards the middle of the piece because of the Pac-man and the bowling game that seem irrelevant. Although the message is unclear I realize that there is always someone or something present in every part of the video that is moving to some subdivision of the tempo that the music has sustained. I enjoy the fact that the piece visually ends where it has begun as it gives a sense of a complete thought, yet I dislike the fact that it ends without any major dynamic contrast at the end and that the message of the video itself is unclear.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 08, 2010, 07:01:48 am
The grid from koyannisqatsi video/song was great. The music started with trombone in slow tempo and soft dynamic. At the same time I started to see the images of cars, streets, and buildings. The cars were moved very fast, after while the cars slow down then the music started going fast and high tone pitch. The instruments I could hear the most were trombone, keyboard or piano, and violin. Then the cars stopped and people got out of the cars started walking going in the building with fast motion like they were late for some thing or running away from enemy. The place looked like New York but I think was Los Angeles because I saw the sign on the road said Los Angeles. As people were walking in the building then I saw the other people were in the office to the other side, then on north side were other people who were working in hot dog factory, on west side I saw other people were at air port like they were traveling. As the music continued played then it slow down like low tone pitch tempo I saw people were played arcade game I think they were in break or vacation, they started eating hot dogs and then everybody got out go into the car. When I saw that I realized that the day was over and I tried to understand what kind of message this video song is telling me? I thought for a moment but it seemed like the way usually people spend their time for a day. That was like daily activities because after all that, it was dark like ended of a day (night). The next thing I saw was the sun rising like morning time I saw images highways then everything became in slow motion as I keep watching I saw the people on the beach, other people walking in the street, and other people watching TV. Then after that the song started going into a really faster tempo and high pitch also trombone got extra loud. And I started thinking this is giving me the message of the way life usually works in city and the way the days passed by people do different thing at the sometime. The slow tempo pitch tone seemed like the way night goes and the fast tempo pitch tone seemed like the way the time passed by on day. This is the way usually the life goes most of the time. I wish to have good explanation about this video/song what kind of message the author was tried to telling us because at the ended I saw the man and woman were walking with lot energy but on their face they were looked like happy and victory. It was so cool I like it a lot.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 05:53:30 am
People talk a lot things about "Grid from kayannisqatsi video/music, and the images of building that was in New York city. They said that it was great video/music which is true, but the building images I think was Los Angeles city.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 12:09:00 pm
Music is very good for us and it makes big different in our live. As humans, we see it in the cycle of day and night. Special Rhythm is basic to life, we find it in our heart and we feel it when we breathe and talk.

Title: Re: Critique #2
Post by: maurice7890 on July 23, 2010, 09:39:02 pm

The first instrument introduced sounds like a tuba or trombone. The tempo was slow with a soft tone. The second instrument to blend in with the first instrument was a horn. The French horn was played in a rising pitch and lowering pitch by going up the scale and down the scale on the instrument. The piece of music also added a third instrument which was a trumpet. The trumpet was played in the same fashion as the French horn; although the trumpet took on a wobbly effect. The dynamics beat had a higher pitch than the French horn and more distinctive than all the other instruments. After the trumpet was played a silence of instruments occurred as the visual section of the video took place showing New York City and all the flashing lights, building and a visual of the brake lights on the car too place as a celesta was playing almost like a dream effect while being accompanied by a flute. These two instruments were soon joined by a Jingle or better known as a triangle instrument. As the beat continued to progress a sudden chant arises in the background changing the melody to a more up tempo pattern as the chant took on the beat in the same melodic pattern as the celesta. The celesta became the main instrumental in the background during split scenes as the different camera angles through New York city were sped up and slowed down to show some type of visual effect. Towards the end of this musical an organ accompanied the celestial and the flute. The tone of the beat was very soft and smooth; with patterns that would rise and lower throughout the song. At the very end of the beat silence occurred as the flute and celestial were played once more in harmony. I like how the video was pieced together with the instruments as if it the video was specifically orchestrated to play for the video only. I am not too sure if there is a message here or not, maybe fast life for New York City and always on the go; business capital perhaps. The music makes me feel at ease, because sometimes I think my day goes by fast like that. I do liked the selection, because the patterns were pieced together nicely for example the celesta and flute; the trumpet being played in a rising and lowering fashion.