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Title: Critique #1
Post by: Brian C. Wuttke on June 21, 2010, 06:59:57 pm
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REMINDER: Your critique MUST be 300 words minimum to recieve credit.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: daniel5816 on June 28, 2010, 03:21:29 pm
   The first piece played was “The Elephant”, the composer used a medium tempo not fast nor slow which it made the song easier to understand. One of the string instruments that I could hear was the string bass, his “bass” sound made me realize that this piece of song could reassemble the structure of an elephant. During this piece, I noticed that at some point the dynamics of the song was decrescendo.
   The second selection was “Aquarium”, and it had a fast tempo, I could hear the violin and the piano playing fast throughout the whole song. These instruments played fast and had a “sprinkle” type of melody that could describe as an aquarium.
   The third selection was “Aviary”, this song was played mainly by the piano. The piano was playing fast along with the violin, which it created a fast tempo for the entire song and the appearance of the birds flying.
   The fourth selection was “In the Hall of the Mountain King”; at the beginning of the song, I could hear mainly the tuba playing softly, which it made me think about the halls of a castle which the song was about. The rhytm of the song had two beats, the tuba was marking these two beats through the entire song, so the other instruments would not lose a beat. The tempo of the song was normal; but, as the song continued to its conclusion part, the tempo along with the dynamics(crescendo) sped up until the end of the song.
   The last selection of the day was “Flight of the Bumblebee”, this song was really exciting to hear, because I already knew what it was and I could understand it very easily. The tempo of this song was very fast throughout the entire song. Some of the instruments that I could recognize was the flutes, which it was one of the main instrument of this song.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Alexander5586 on June 28, 2010, 05:15:26 pm
Carnival of Animals- The Elephant- This actually more like one song into sections by Saint-Saens. We only heard 3 of them. In this section, the tempo is a little slow, but not too slow. It does have at some point (I think in the end) where the tempo is a little faster. The dynamics are normal. In my opinion, I feel the song's section's melody and chords were a way of describing how fast and maybe slow an elephant move (maybe around the zoo's cage or jungle in particular). Just hear the string bass and piano parts. It gives a some sort of movement. Overall, I think this was a great composition song. I love almost every moment of the song. It was short and easy.

Carnival of Animals- Aquarium- As you can see, this section is also from the same story/song. This is comprised of piano, the string section, and a flute. The piano part has a fast tempo, but the string section and flute are slow and the pitch is low, giving it a feeling like you're in the aquarium or underwater. Hey, I get it now. Overall, I think this a feel good song, I can listen to it all the time. This my favorite of the song's section.

Carnival of Animals- Aviary- Another from this section. In this song the tempo is fast, the dynamics are soft, the pitch is a little low, and the beats keeps changing. The melody is supposed to give a jungle sound and feel like birds flying the aviary (hence the title). The lead parts are comprised of flute and piano, while the string section are backing. It is probably my least favorite section of Saint-Saens, but I still like it.

In the Hall of the Mountain King- This is one of the songs where you know the music from somewhere. You've probably heard it in movies or even trailers, but you don't what the song. Well, you now know or heard of this classic classical song by Grieg. Now, as for the song. It starts off a slow tempo, the dynamic is soft, and it comprised of the string section and woodwind instrument, but at the end of the song, the full orchestra comes in, and it becomes louder and faster. This is one of my favorite classical songs. It gives you feeling suspicion, then it lets out your energy out after you figured who did it or what happened.

Flight of the Bumblebee- Possibly the most famous (and my personal favorite) of this critique songs today. Rimski-Korsakov uses an extremely fast tempo, and the reason for this fast tempo, is to give a feeling of how fast the bee moves. The pitch is high and the dynamics are loud. The wind ensemble part (or any lead instrument) is one of the best in the classical music history. It's in mostly 16th notes. Everytime I want to hear that song, I just want to go faster. Loved every bit of it.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Abraham6219 on June 28, 2010, 07:05:52 pm
1.   The Elephant: the tempo seemed slow and calm. The dynamic I would say was Moderate throughout.  The music makes it easy to picture an elephant walking around in a kid’s circus setting. It almost has a silly bounce to it. Definitely a tenor bass or tuba provides the melody for this piece (Monophonic).
2.   The Aquarium: I cannot help but imagine myself wondering through a world of magic and incantations.  The dynamics of this song is extremely soft. The piano is playing fast as opposed to the violin, which seems to slow down the song.  The texture I would say is Polyphonic where it seems that the piano and violin share the melody.
3.   The Aviary: The flute encompasses this song with its fluttery bouncy melody. The strings and piano provide the background. Tempo seems to be set at 3. The dynamic seems to be very moderate. This selection did not do a very good job at capturing me.  :-[
4.   In the Hall of the Mountain King: this piece starts off so soft and slow you can barely hear it and ended with the whole orchestra playing very loud. It seems as if it had a crescendo throughout the whole piece. I heard the whole orchestra from the cello’s, violins, sounds like they had a few brass instruments but I couldn’t figure out what they where. I believe my generation can listen to this song and relive the movie Fantasia ;D
5.   Flight of the Bumblebee: Dr. Wuttke, you were not joking when you said it would go by quick. The tempo to this selection is unmistakably fast and the dynamics grow louder throughout the whole selection. Once again sounds like they had the orchestra playing. Sounds like a lot of violins, flutes, some horns maybe. This piece is very exciting and confusing at the same time. Does a good job at relating the audience to the title. Funny enough this selection also reminded me of the movie Drum Line.  ;D

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: david2270 on June 29, 2010, 01:44:24 pm
The Elephant: I like the string bass in the begining. The string bass really adds the effect to the name of this piece. It seems heavy just like an elephant. You can almost hear the elephants walking or roaming in this song. It just sounded very big and broad just like an elephant. The tempo was medium it wasn't too fast. It was more like adante.It seemed mezzo piano through out the song. It was definitley in groups of three. And i will say that this piece to me is monophonic.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King: I like how it starts in a adante way with the string bass plucking the strings. Also known as a pizzicato. And i like the string basses with the bassoon. I think they blend well together. It also starts off pianissimo or piano. I also like how the bassoon is very short, very staccato with the notes. In the middle of the song I notice the tempo start to pick up. And It goes from mezzo piano to fortissimo all of a sudden although you can feel a slight crescendo, or build up leading to the fortissimo entrance. It seems in some places its a polyphonic song with the trumpets and strings, but mostly a homophonic. This piece makes me feel like i was doing something sneaky and all of a sudden hell broke loss and i'm panicking trying to make things right again.

Flight of the Bumblebee: This is definitely one of my favorite songs. It seems in the begining he does a chromatic scale starting with the top note and decending. It starts very fast or presto. And it continues throughout the song. It is accompanied with the strings. I think its a monophonic song.I like the continues effort of keeping the tempo constant not slowing down or rushing. Also i like that i can hear each note. Its not too slugish. When i hear this song i really do think of a bumblebee. I can see the bumblebee flying fast through the air.

Title: Re: Critique #1- Fresh Certified Classical Music to Review
Post by: marco9891 on June 29, 2010, 06:45:03 pm
When it comes to listening the classical piece "The Elephant", there is only one thing I can imagine that brings up the mood in me. A happy enormous African elephant walking through its habitat, showing how proud it is to be such a large animal with big ears and a long tusk. Everytime I imagine this, I remind myself of the great ways these beautiful animals live. The double bass piece is so well-constructed that it matches very well with the features and qualities of the elephant. It's slow, bold, and broad just like an elephant, and the low pitch really adds something that makes this song much more define.

The Aquarium
Oh, the deep passion feeling I get when listening to this piece. "The Aquarium" takes me into the sea, and there I see a physical object shaped like a woman. This woman had long hair, and a very curve appearance, but her face was blurred by the shadow and water of the sea. She comes to me and for some reason takes my hand and takes me a across the ocean and creatures that live in it. This composition brings me feelings of romance, fantasy, and wonders of the sea and helps me see through the blurred vision. The tonality and melody sounds so calm and smooth from the vibrato of the violins and high pitch articulation of the piano that it convinces me that how magnificent this composer is. The tempo was very slow and the dynamics were soft so. I couldn't possibly have a better feeling than this one.

The Aviary
While I see birds fly around an oak forest, I come upon a song called "The Aviary". Although this piece doesn't give me imaginations like "The Aquarium" or "The Elephant", what makes this one special is how the flute sounds like as if a bird is singing a song along with accompanies by violins, string bass, and a piano. Actually this song is different because it now more about the beautiful music that's coming out from the flute and accompaniments with moderate dynamics, moderately fast tempo, smooth virtuoso melody. For me, I say it is definitely a worthy song to listen because it really makes feel joy of how a bird sounds.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King
What does this song remind you of? Oh yeah, black comedy! "In the Hall of the Mountain King" reminds me of bad things that can happen whenever a plan goes completely wrong, and I laugh at it. That is why this song is so funny to me because as the music builds up in soft dynamics and slow tempo, you feel like a person who is being count on to succeed a plan, but you made a mistake. As the music gets harder and faster, little bad lucks come to those you know like getting beaten or doomed, and all of a sudden trouble attacks you and your acquaintances in multiple ways and you have no way fix all of it because you're too late to fix it. That is why it reminds me of black comedy because bad things happens to those types of characters. The way the strings was being plucked and how broad the woodwinds sounded made the intro look like the beginning of all terrible, but funny things to come. I also really admire how other instruments like the brass and percussion soon join in to help buildup the suspense, and the way the full orchestra just suddenly burst out very loud and fast that you feel suspense galvanizing throughout your entire body. That to me, I give this song two thumbs up!

Flight of the Bumblebee
This one brings back memory when I was stung by a bee in the foot. Man, you do not want to come near bee. "Flight of the bumblebee" is a full orchestra composition with loud dynamics and very fast tempo and melodies that it makes me feel like I'm being chased by bees. It also makes me feel how nervous I get when bees are around me. Although, this is a song that has continue it composer's legacy for centuries and I am glad to hear this song to this day.  

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Joshua5601 on June 30, 2010, 12:25:56 am
The Elephant: This was the first piece I listened to and enjoyed it very much. The piece starts off very slow and gentle, light tempo with a very enjoyable melody. The way the string bass is used paints the perfect picture in your head, as if you were on a safari while looking at a large elephant- very slow and gentle, but powerful and deep, all at the same time.
The Aquarium: Of all the compositions this was absolutely my favorite. Very similar to the first piece, The Elephant, it makes it very simple to imagine a certain scenario and its ambiance. The piano and violin make you feel as if an object has just been dropped into a deep ocean while you are visualizing it slowly falling and sinking deeper into mysterious and unknown areas. The texture to me seemed to be polyphonic with the violin and piano both sharing the same melody.
The Aviary: As soon as this composition begins, the idea that starts to formulate in my mind is that of a humming bird flying around, singing the song of life. It is a very happy and energetic piece. The flute is the main instrument that enables the audience to feel the mood the composer has focused on setting. The piano, violin and string base also give the piece some more upbeat personality. Due to the smooth melody and upbeat tempo, this was a very enjoyable piece of music to listen to.
In the Hall of the Mountain King: As soon as I heard this composition, I recognized it. It has most likely been used in movies and commercials. It starts off very slow pace until the string and woodwork instruments start to build up the tempo. Towards the end of it, all you hear is a full on orchestra, with the song becoming fierce, loud and quick in tempo. It has all the characteristics a composition needs in order to be popular.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Brian C. Wuttke on June 30, 2010, 08:03:47 am
FYI, as noted in your programs, the recording of "Flight of the Bumblebee" is recorded by a wind ensemble with Wynton Marsalis as trumpet soloist. There are no string instruments in this recording.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: cavan5119 on June 30, 2010, 11:14:41 am
Carnival of Animals (The Elephant) – This piece, by Saint-Saens, did a very good job of painting a picture for the listener. During “The Elephant”, I felt like I was in a circus in the early 1900’s in a black and white movie. The slow paced tempo very descriptively mimicked the movements and essence of the Elephant.  As  the musical piece progresses I felt a slight increase of intensity as the tempo sped up a bit, this may represent the unpredictable nature of the enormous beast. I enjoyed the Elephant but I probably wouldn’t listen to it on my own time.
Carnival of Animals (Aquarium) - Again, a very expressive musical interpretation of life in an underwater safe haven. “The Aquarium” has a gentle dynamics and a moderately paced tempo, evocative of a safe haven for underwater life, away from the dangers of the ocean. Composed of string instruments, some Piano, Flute and Glass Harmonica. This particular piece was my favorite of all the selections our class listened to.
Carnival of Animals (Aviary) - A very descriptive and emotional composition. Saint-Saens phenomenally captures the freedom our winged friends possess, the freedom of flight. This piece includes the strings, piano, and flute. After a long musical ascent, “The Aviary” ends with skillfully utilized quiet dynamic.

In the Hall of the Mountain King- Edvard Greig starts out with a nice, easy, tempo and dynamic. As the piece progresses everything intensifies and becomes a glorious battle for survival. Each of the individual musical instruments played a role in the crescendo vibe projected at the listener.

The Flight of the Bumblebee- An accurate portrayal of the fast paced life of a Bumblebee. I have heard the recordings with and without string instruments. Personally, I prefer the one we heard in class. The trumpet imitates the noise created by the furious flapping of the Bumblebee’s little wings. I enjoy this song but it’s been commercialized heavily, so I may have some prejudices towards it but that does not take away from the quality of “The Flight of the Bumblebee”.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Christian3288 on June 30, 2010, 11:18:34 am
The Carnival of Animals.
The Elephant, to me was boring he piece was actually putting me to sleep. It was super slow out of all the pieces this was by far the least interesting. The song was a bit childish sound through the counter-play of pizzicato and bass its also illustrated through its slow tempo
Aquarium was one of my favorite songs of the entire in concert. I hear the xylophone in the back round along with violins. The tempo is at It reminded me like I was playing a fantasy video game. The music was very calm and light. It was played at a much higher ranger then the Elephant.
Aviary is also a great piece I feel as if I am outside with many birds around me. The music has a very mystical feel to it.  And the flutes as well as the xylophone give it that feel.

In the Hall of the Mountain King.
The moment the piece started I automatically thought of the Nut Cracker and Christmas. The selection starts out low and slow and as it progresses it start to pick up and get faster. The piece starts with tubas and cellos I also hear other instruments such as the violins and violas, as the piece progresses all the instruments get louder. When the song reaches the climax the whole entire orchestra starts to play fortissimo, although at the end of the piece it gets messy and didn’t sound clear at all.

Flight of the Bumblebee.
The selection starts of strong and fast with a beat of two throughout the song. The trumpets in the song are amazing and they are so fast. As I was listening to the selection it reminded me of being in a football game with the band playing. I felt energetic and pumped.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Andy6812 on June 30, 2010, 11:20:21 am
My favorite selection from our in-class listening assignment was “Aquarium” from “The Carnival of Animals.” Its fast and connective tempo went perfectly with its mystical sound that made me feel as if I were part of an underwater adventure. The xylophone plays the melody of the piece as the string section accompanies it. Of the other selections of “The Carnival of Animals,” “The Elephant” is my least favorite because of its childish sound through the counter-play of pizzicato and bowed playing by the double bass. This is also illustrated through its slow tempo and it indeed imitates the walking of an elephant. In the piece “Aviary” the light airy sound of the flute gives the impression of the chirping and fluttering wings of a bird. Its soft, piano and mezzo piano dynamic makes me feel peaceful and happy. The selection “In the Hall of the Mountain King” is written in a two beat, moderate tempo that is a melody that is very recognizable. Dynamically, it keeps a constant crescendo as it swells dynamically within its constant growing. In addition, the selection accelerates to an extremely fast tempo that evidently seemed too sloppy for my taste. I disliked the violins screeching timbre at such a high dynamic level. Finally, the listening assignment ended with the outrageous “Flight of the Bumblebee” that fascinates me every time I hear it. The trumpet plays the melody at a very fast tempo in a very fluid and connective way. In contrast, it is accompanied by a very separated and unconnected homophonic accompaniment. Every time I hear this piece played, I feel breathless because of its challenging melodic line. The timbre of the trumpet is very bright and resonant which actually gives the impression of the fast buzzing sound created by the wings of a buzzing bumble bee.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: maurice7890 on June 30, 2010, 02:33:28 pm
The first piece of music played was from the selection “Carnival of animals.” The piece titled “Elephant” which sounds like carousel music. The type of music you would hear at a carnival or an event to set the mood for soft tunes for to listen to. The melody of beat has a slow melody with a piano and a bas that accompany each other. This beat also has a violin playing in the background. The music makes me feel like a small child that is about to have fun at a carnival. I like this musical selection because the tone of violins and pianos excite me.
The second piece was titled “Aquarium.”  This selection has a soft tone and the tempo is slow. The melody of this beat is dreamy. I feel as if I am in a dream. I like this selection because it is relaxing and smooth. I think a celestial was played to make the dream affect seem dreamy.
The third piece was titled “Aviary.” The rhythm of this beat had a rising and lower tone. The instrument used was a piccolo.
The fourth selection was titled “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” The tone of the beat is smooth. The melody was held by a horn in the background while a walking bass accompanied the horn. The tone of the song takes a turn as the tempo begins to speed up as more instruments such as a trumpet blends in as an accent sound.  At the end of the piece the entire orchestra speeds up the tempo once more for a more up beat sound. I like this piece because it is very creative with the pattern and development.
The fifth and final selection was titled “Flight of the Bumblebee.” This particular piece is an instant classic. The melody of the violins, horn and bass are playing in tune with each other and the tempo is an up beat tempo. This piece reminds of old cartoons and makes me feel like a kid again. I like this piece because it has the feeling of bees that are buzzing as if they have been aggravated.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on June 30, 2010, 02:42:01 pm
The first song played was” Elephant". The Elephant song started really slow and then became fast at the ending.  I could listen more like Elephant walked in jungle or in the zoo. The instruments I could hear were orchestra and bass. The orchestra was on normal tempo, and bass was making the song very low rang symphonic and vibrato was like the step of elephant walking around. I think was a good song to hear I have nothing to complain about it.
The second song was “Aquarium”. The Aquarium was a fast song and high harmonic tone it was more tension like someone who was swimming or something moving underwater. The instruments I could hear the most were violin and piano. the piano part has fast tempo but violin selection has more fast string also it feel like water is moving so fast I think this song is good to listing to when I am in slow mood so I can be able to think and move fast.
The thirds song played was” aviary”. I think this song was the fastest song in all of them. I could hear dynamic, pitch and beats keep changing fast. From beginning to the ended the song was so fast. I did like it that much, because feeling like the world is getting to the ended, but it was okay.
The other song played was” in the hall of the mountain king”. This song was more like the orchestra played very loud. It was so cool and romantic. I liked it a lot seemed like the whole world was moving, it makes me feel very strong and start moving my legs. At the beginning it start low and at ended I could heard the whole orchestra playing. This song was my favor one.
The last song played was (flight of the bumblebee) from “tsar sultan”. This song was very fast I could hear woodwind instrument of the symphony orchestra. I like it a lot because of the beat and extremely instruments were played. It was excellent very comfortable I wish to hear it again at list one more time. I loved every bit of it.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: Luigi2134 on June 30, 2010, 04:33:45 pm
In the first listening critique we were confronted with 3 different pieces of music.  The first of which was selections from The Carnival of Animals.  The three selections from that piece were The Elephant, Aquarium, Aviary.  First off The Elephant, in this song you notice that the composer uses a very slow tempo to mimic the speed with which an elephant walks.  Also he uses a very low pitch due to the fact that an elephant is associated with a low pitched sound.  Next we moved to Aquarium, in which the composer chose to use a melody that resembled that of bubbles.  This was most likely done in order to give the feeling that you were in an aquarium with the fish which the song was about.  Finally we moved to Aviary, in which you hear the song use the woodwinds to give the song a feel as if the bird were singing.  Later in the song the melody changes in order to mimic the sound of a bird wings fluttering.  All these songs really showed how someone could use music to show things that happen in everyday life.  The next piece we moved to was In the Hall of the Mountain King.  This song is done with a beat that resembles marching.   The tempo starts very slow.  The pitch is also very low as to be able to build tension, or desonance.  As the song gets towards the middle it starts to get louder.  Also the tempo picks up as it builds more desonance.  At the finale of the song the tempo gets extremely fast and it comes to a close with a cadence as a way to release all that tension.  Finally we moved over to a selection, Flight of the Bumblebee, from the piece Tsar Sultan.  This song uses a fast tempo in order to show us the speed at which a bumblebee moves.  More in to the song you begin to notice that the music begins to sound like buzzing of a bee which really brings the image to life.  My favorite piece was In the Hall of the Mountain King because it brought back fond memories of me sitting at home watching Fantasia with my mom.  Also the song is very likeable with its simple yet interesting melody.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: christian5932 on June 30, 2010, 06:24:03 pm
The Carnival of Animals: The Elephant
I found this section to have very soft dynamics with a slow tempo. When I listen to this piece I can picture an elephant trotting around at its leisure. Although I have found this piece to be slightly interesting, I do not find it to be a liking of my tastes, this is because the music does not capture my imagination with any attention grabbing creativity or to arouse my thinking of any sorts of interesting thoughts.

The Carnival of Animals: The Aquarium
In this section I feel the music has a almost a dark and mysterious allure. You are drawn in, deeper and deeper, sinking into the depths of your imagination and into the song. The strings give the music the sensation as if you are swaying in the ocean, while the xylophone gives a view in your mind that you are sinking into the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean. Then the music repeats itself giving me the impression that after swaying and sinking, you sway once more and then finally sink further down. Of the pieces we listened to, The Aquarium is my favorite because I enjoy the more darker and mysterious and even sad types of music.

The Carnival of Animals: The Aviary
First off, I would like to mention how talented the flute player is. The speed and high pitched notes are not easy to reach on a flute and for that I have an appreciation for the talent and skill for that flute player. I noticed that the string section is playing extremely soft, giving off a sound like a humming bird would as it flies.

In the Hall of the Mountain King
The tempo starts off very slow and the dynamics are very soft. As a crescendo is being performed the tempo of the piece starts to pick up along with the intensity. When the piece is nearing its end, the song is very loud, very fast and gives me the feeling that this mountain king is a very great and powerful king.

Flight of the Bumblebee
For this piece I want to recognize Wynton Marsalis, the trumpet soloist for his amazing use of dynamics.
I am sure that whoever listens to this song will get the impression of bees in general. As for me, I feel like I am in a hive watching the chaotic business of a day's job for the bees. I also like how the songs dynamics start off soft and gets louder along the way to where it is about at forte and then goes right back to a piano soft.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: ross5068 on June 30, 2010, 06:53:07 pm
Our first In-Class Listening began with a few selections from Saint-Saens, The Carnival of Animals.  I was especially intrigued by this portion of the "concert", mainly for the composers ability to capture the essence of an animals character by merely "organizing sound".  The Elephant, for instance, had a fairly slow tempo and was comprised mostly of lower pitched tones, conjuring imagery of the creatures physical girth and slow, heavy mobility.  A use of soft dynamics helped in contrasting the elephants massive size with it's notoriously gentle nature.
Aquarium, another selection from The Carnival of Animals, was equally as successful in portraying certain aspects of a particular animal, in this case,the Fish, by creating a dream-like or mystical vibe that is often associated with the visual stimulations of an aquarium.  Desscending and ascending pitches at a moderate tempo helped to simulate the sensation of feeling virtually weightless while suspended in a water column.
The final selection from The Carnival of Animals, Aviary, was interesting in that the flute (an instrument of the woodwind family) was used to accuratley recreate the sounds of a bird's "song".  Also, the major key that the peice was written in seems so overly cheerful as if birds singing and chirping in the early hours of a new day.
The final selection we listened to, not associated with The Carnival of Animals but similar in it's subject matter, was Flight of the Bumblebee, played by Wynton Marsalis.  This composition had an extremely fast paced tempo, perhaps an expression of the franticness of a travleing bee.  So many notes were compressed into such a short period of time that to the listener, it sounded like the rapid fluttering of an insects wings.  The intervals between notes were mostly half steps which, paired with the fast tempo, helped to mimic the buzzing sound of a bumblebee in flight.  I thought this selction was awesome because of Wynton Marsalis' trumpet whaling.  Thank you.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jonathan 8996 on June 30, 2010, 08:25:50 pm
 The Elephant from the carnival of animal the starting part of the song it uses a very soft tone, the instruments that is play at first is the bass and the piano. It creates different types of beats that keeps you really entertained, this song was really creative because it could be performed in a lot of different events and the most important one is it might be to perform this music at circus while the elephant is performing a show. After a couple of minutes of hearing the song a very important part comes in which is the violin and the piano plays is a polyphonic musical texture that’s gives it a final touch that makes the song go with a nice beat and makes you see how the instruments are play with a soft and high tones in some of the parts of the song. I think I have heard this song in a couple of Disney movies the part that they show carousel music which it  reminds me when I was  little that I loved to go to go to the zoo just to hear the sound of the roaming. I think this is a good song to hear because it gathers you attention and in particular this song might be describing how the elephants moves and how a such a big animal like that gets up with out any problem and the qualities that this animal has and how big has tusk is, and been proud of the big animal that he is. It makes you think how they become such a big animal and how they make their way to survive in hot places like Africa. The way this animal is it such a beautiful specie and how it fits to description of this song.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: andres0487 on July 01, 2010, 01:15:47 pm
The song the elephant was money. It sounded exactly like an elephant would sound lumbering around. The deep sound of the tuba described the clumsy animal perfectly. The deep sounds is all one needs to understand what this song is about.
   Having the piano and the way its being played has probly been replayed in movies hundreds of times, with the cascading piano notes raining down it is as if I were sinking to the bottom of the ocean with each note being a bubble or fish  rising to the top as I sink down. This song overall is extremely detailed and vary well put together.
   Somehow these artist are truly able to embody the song with the title.  The aviary    is a perfect name for it. All of the sounds in this one are playful and bright and they seem to interact with each other like birds would singing and flying from branch to branch. These sounds are up lifting and completely make sense in the context that they are played. If one were to take away just one chord this song would sound clumsy since all the notes rely on each other to compliment one another.
   The hall of the mountain king is again a perfect title. The bass heavy tonality of this song personifies what’s trying to be conveyed in this song. When the song is being played I cant help but think of a mouse running through a castle being chased or maybe dodging feet in a ball room full of people its frantic and rushed but is a good way and perfectly fits the song.
   The flight of the bumble bee is hectic the tempo being fast and frantic. The image that comes to mind when listening is a bee flying through trees dodging branches or natural obstacles in general but overall the sound has come together nicely.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 08:07:18 pm
This was the first piece I listened to and enjoyed it very much"In the Hall of the Mountain King".As soon as I heard this composition, I recognized it, that It has most likely been used in movies and commericials.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 08:17:09 pm
The elephant song was played very good because the composer used double bass piece is so well-constructed that it matches very well with the features and qualities of the elephant's moves.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 08:37:54 pm
The Aquarium song brong me the feeling like pasion. I noticed that the string section was playing extremely soft, which was making the song like something was moving underwater. I like it because was most like romatic music.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 08:50:12 pm
The song called" Aviary" from The Carnival of Animals was played very faster and high speed pitch tone.The piano, violin and string base also give the piece some more up beat personality, but as matter and fact I enjoyed to hear it.

Title: Re: Critique #1
Post by: jean-claude2998 on July 19, 2010, 09:28:01 pm
I think I enjoyed all of the songs puit much, I also agree about those comments even if are not all the same, but they have same an idias. however, i have't nothing to complened about it because they are all telling stories and characteristic of what is going on.