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Title: University of North Florida Jazz Concert
Post by: Lauren0758 on April 23, 2010, 07:09:01 am
Gonzalez, Manuel
Jazz and Pop Music in America
Professor Brian Wuttke


Back in February, the University of North Florida held a Jazz concert up in Jacksonville, Florida featuring their Jazz Class 1 and their Professor Joe Lovano on Tenor saxophone. The band had many talented musicians from all across the nation. It was a full big band, four trombones, four trumpets six saxophones, and a full rhythm section consisting of a drum set player, bass player, guitar player and piano. They played a two-hour set with charts ranging from fast and slow swings, bebop, ballads and some very interesting contemporary music. The most notable piece of music would have to be Cybolism, which starts off at about 200 beats per minute. The saxophone section starts the piece with a complex combination of eighth notes and a lot of syncopation throughout the piece with the rhythm section. Itís a modern composition incorporating many elements that make up a serious swing chart, which the audience and I enjoyed. Their performance was flawless, not one mistake throughout the two-hour set. I look forward to seeing them perform again. 

Title: Re: University of North Florida Jazz Concert
Post by: Giselle0303 on April 23, 2010, 08:58:17 am
Wow , all the way in jacksonville! thats so far, that pretty cool that you found a concert there and went to it, its also really cool that we can use it as one of the concerts for this class